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16 Seriously Creepy Things Kids Have Said

16 Seriously Creepy Things Kids Have Said 90

By Tara MacIsaacEpoch Times

Kids say the darndest things, and sometimes those things are darn creepy.

A Reddit user asked people on the social media website to share stories of the creepiest things their kids have ever said. Blogger “Single Dad Laughing” did the same on his Facebook page. Here is a compilation of some of the creepiest answers they got.


1. My co-worker’s four year old daughter always thought that the rattling of the water pipes in the kitchen cupboards were ‘white wolves’ and the sound always scared her.

One day she was sitting at the kitchen table and she said, ‘Mom. The white wolves aren’t bad… they’re our friends!’

Her mom encouraged the idea by saying, ‘Yes! The white wolves are protecting us. They are our friends.’

Then her daughter added in, ‘They’re our friends, but not the man who crawls on the floor and stands by my bed’


2. Two nights ago after I put my son to bed.. I heard talking come from his room. I found him standing in the corner in the pitch black saying, ‘Stop tickling me! Stop tickling me!’


3. When my son was little he, maybe 3, he used to do this weird crawl where he would slide his forehead along the floor. That was pretty creepy in itself. Then one night he crawled across the hallway into my room like that and stood up a few inches from my face and made a weird meow sound. He got into bed with me and went to sleep.

Another time he was freaking out about a monster in the basement so we went down and saw nothing, of course, and as I turned out the light and headed upstairs … he said, ‘He’s right behind us now.’

Possibly the creepiest thing he did was one day I scolded him for misbehaving so he hid his head under his blanket. I pretended I couldn’t find him by saying ‘Where is my little Carson?’ He slowly lowered the blanket and with a dead evil stare said, ‘Carson is gone, I am Rick.’

I’m certain he’s possessed. We never knew any Ricks, as far I can remember. Still don’t. Never figured out where he picked up the name.


16 Seriously Creepy Things Kids Have Said 91


4. While changing my daughter in front of the open closet door. She kept looking around me and laughing. I asked her what was so funny. She said, ‘The man,’ to which I replied, ‘What man?’

She then pointed at the closet and said, ‘the man with the snake neck.’ I turn around and nothing was there. I’m afraid to look into the history of my house to see if anyone hung themselves in the closet. At least she wasn’t scared.


5. Why are you crying?

‘Bad man’

What bad man?

‘There.’ Points behind me at a dark corner of the room

Lamp on bookshelf next to said darkened corner falls off as soon as I turn to look.

She slept in our bed that night.


6. My niece puts her hand on my wife’s pregnant belly and says,’Your baby is gonna die.’


7. Just a couple of months ago, my two-year-old daughter and I were in her darkened bedroom as she was getting ready to sleep. Like any kid new to numbers, she loves to count. She pointed to herself and then me, counting, ‘One, two…’ before jumping up and pointing around the empty room. ‘Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! Ten people!’ she yelled proudly.


8. My three year-old and I were home all alone. We were walking around the house doing various things. Eventually we went into the basement. After we had been downstairs for a few minutes he stopped suddenly. Then he said, ‘Hey, why didn’t the man come with us downstairs?’

I was like, ‘Who?’ He said: ‘The guy that was just with us upstairs. How come he didn’t come downstairs too?’


9. When my son was four, I colored him a ‘Winnie the Pooh’ picture and put it on the fridge while he was sleeping. When he woke the next morning I said, ‘I made you something.’

He said ‘I know, I saw you.’ I asked him ‘You saw me what?’

He said, ‘You colored me a picture.’ I asked how he knew, he said ‘I saw you when I was sleeping.’

Creeped me out.

16 Seriously Creepy Things Kids Have Said 92

10. One night my daughter, who was then 5, got into bed with me. After both of us going back to sleep, I had a terrible nightmare where I was a murderer. I woke up in the morning and was thinking about my dream when my daughter woke up and looked at me and said, ‘Mummy I had a dream that you were killing people.’


11. My daughter at age 4 was screaming at the wall one night, then screaming for me to make the man go away. I told her I couldn’t see the man, so she had to tell him. So she screamed at him to go away. She then told me the man had long black hair and red eyes.


12. ‘There’s a man and woman that live in our house. They follow me to school sometimes.’


13. When my son was 3, we were playing at the park, and he told me that he remembered when he was in my belly and I would run it would bounce him all around.

I asked him of he remembered anything else while he was in my belly, and he told me that he met Jesus right before he met me. Maybe not creepy, but still not a normal conversation with a 3-year-old.


14. My two year old has been running from rooms screaming lately. The reason is always, ‘A guy! A guy!’

I’d go in the room and ask what was the matter. She would point into the empty room, terrified, whispering, “A guy!”

At first I thought I’d need to rethink everything I thought I believed about ghosts. Then, I realized “a guy” was actually “a fly.”

She is terrified of flies.


15. I was sound asleep, and at around 6 a.m., I was woken up by my 4-year-old daughter’s face inches from mine.

She looked right into my eyes and whispered, “I want to peel all your skin off.”

The back-story here is I had been sunburned the previous week, and was starting to peel. In my sleep-addled state, however, it was pretty terrifying for a few seconds. I didn’t know if I was dreaming or what was going on.


16. My niece was sitting on the couch with a weird look on her face. Her mom asked her what she was thinking about, and she said, ‘I’m imagining the waves of blood rushing over me.’

Turned out they had been at a local science museum with an exhibit on the circulatory system. One of the features was a walk among some giant fake blood vessels, and she was remembering that.



Ghost hunter told how to summon spirits

Ghost hunter told how to summon spirits 97

A ghost hunter explained how to summon ghosts and when is the best time to do it according to The Daily Star.

Jade Capasso explores hotels, inns, historical places to allegedly reveal the spirits and ghosts that are present in them. She shares her discoveries on the YouTube channel Ghost Club Paranormal. The girl is sure that you can also talk with spirits.

The 28-year-old ghost hunter is confident that you can talk to ghosts and spirits using a voice recorder. A particularly good time for this, according to her, is the eve of All Saints’ Day – Halloween.

 “I think there is more activity during Halloween. More people believe in the other world, ”she said.

She recalled that Halloween pumpkin is an invariable attribute and symbol of the holiday. People decorate their home with funny, scary, and sometimes even terrifying faces.

 “I’m sure there will be more sessions and many will use Ouija boards,” she says.

To connect with the “other world”, you can go to a famous haunted place, says Kapassa. She also recommends checking your home for ghosts.

To hear a ghost, the girl recommends using special equipment. 

After all, ghosts, she said, emit sounds at ultra-low frequencies that are not perceived by the human ear. You can hear them, as she notes, only on audio recordings.

The girl says that you need to leave the digital voice recorder in a room where paranormal activity is observed all night, or ask questions and wait for an answer.

“Ask questions, and who knows, you might hear a disembodied voice answering you,” says Jade.

According to her, there is no need to rush, because the spirits must be given enough time to respond.

“You probably won’t hear them in real time. But if you listen to the recording, you might hear someone from the underworld, ”she said.

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A photographer took a picture of an old house, but did not know that a woman lived there. No wonder – you can only see it in the photo

A photographer took a picture of an old house, but did not know that a woman lived there. No wonder - you can only see it in the photo 98

A Scottish resident took a photo of an abandoned building, and then could not believe his eyes when he looked at the finished photograph. From there the woman’s face was looking at him, but the man is sure: there was no one in the ruins of the house. Finding an explanation for what he saw was not easy.

A photographer from Scotland, who wished to remain anonymous, decided to arrange an unusual photo session, Unilad writes.

His choice fell on several abandoned buildings that are located in one of the parks in the North Ayrshire region. After taking a couple of pictures, he went to the studio to print them, and then looked at the finished result.


The negative of one of the photographs of the photographer

Mysticism often happens in abandoned buildings , and the case with a man was no exception. In one photo, the Scotsman saw the ghostly silhouette of a woman looking at him from a window. However, the man assures that there was no one in the building, and he was alone in the ruins.

During the shooting, I did not feel anything unusual or anything otherworldly.

Despite the fact that the woman’s face looks intimidating, he is glad that he managed to capture it. Moreover, the hero of the story shared the frame with all friends who adore mysticism and riddles.


Pay attention to the left window

I’m happy that I was able to capture something that looks like a ghost. I am even proud to be able to show photos to people who love riddles.

Many people, according to the photographer, are inclined to believe that this is a ghost, who love to talk to children so much, although the author of the picture himself is in no hurry to draw conclusions. He even looked at the frame under a microscope, but never came to the truth.

You can, of course, speculate, but the human brain makes us see familiar traits everywhere, especially if we look at them long enough.


Moreover, the photographer, according to him, does not really believe in ghosts and other mystical phenomena.

I don’t like the term paranormal. As for ghosts, I don’t know if they exist. I don’t even know how to define them. What is it? Energy?

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Camera recorded an extraneous movement in Massachusetts. And this sight is not for the faint-hearted

Camera recorded an extraneous movement in Massachusetts. And this sight is not for the faint-hearted 99

A Redditt user with the nickname grandslammer0891 from Mansfield, Massachusetts, posted a video from security cameras at a friend’s house, which scared him and left users in disbelief.

The author of the video explained that his friend left home by the end of August, leaving four huskies in the care of a friend. He usually visited them during the daytime.

One day the owner of the apartment received a notification in the middle of the night that the camera recorded some kind of extraneous movement. At that time there were only dogs in the house.

The video captured the kitchen and part of the living room. A dog is lying on the sofa in the right corner, and you can trace the turns of the head by its ears. When her ears turn to the left, then in the dark you can see the transparent figure of a moving person.

The video puzzled users and caused a mixed reaction from them. Some could not find an explanation for what they saw and panicked slightly. The dog’s head turns towards the ghost, which suggests that it also noticed the apparition.

“What is it, I saw it … with my own eyes. Does anyone else see this? Because it seems to me that I definitely saw something wrong. No no”.

Others decided that a man had walked past the window on the right, and his shadow flashed on the left in the headlights. Some users even believe that a live person got into the frame.

“I hope your buddy has a gun. There was a real intruder. “

Some readers agreed that the ghost video is quite plausible, since Massachusetts is full of ghosts.

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