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13 Real Asian Horror Stories – Scary Videos for Halloween

13 Real Asian Horror Stories - Scary Videos for Halloween 1

Asian Horror Stories Ghost Videos is a collection of all kinds of real ghost stories of real ghosts and true hauntings cases in and around Asia. Real ghosts experiences from real people like you. Real Asian Ghost Horror Stories and Japanese Urban Legends displayed in this video are all true experiences. Most of these Real Stories have been adapted into paranormal asian-genre movies. Have you experienced any of these entities, if so please let us know.

The Ring took the legend of Okiku, and added its own adaptation however many Japanese still believe that they hear her tragic crys for help. Bancho Sarayashiki or Bancho Sarayashi( The Dish Mansion at Bancho?) is a Japanese ghost story of love separated by social class, broken trust and broken promises, leading to a dismal fate in which Okiku throws herself into a well.

Kuchisake-onna , “Slit-Mouthed Woman”) is a figure appearing in Japanese urban legends. She is a woman who is mutilated by a jealous husband and returns as a malicious spirit. When rumors of alleged sightings began spreading in 1979 around the Nagasaki Prefecture, it spread throughout Japan and caused panic in many towns. There are even reports of schools allowing children to go home only in groups escorted by teachers for safety, and of police increasing their patrols.

Aka Manto (Red Cape) is a Japanese urban legend about a malicious spirit who haunts public and school toilets, who will ask you if you want red paper or blue paper. In some versions, he will ask you if you want a red or blue cape. Often described as a beautiful man in life and hounded constantly by admirers, he now wears a mask to hide his face.

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