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12,000-Year-Old Gobekli Tepe – Is It Linked to the Star Deneb in the Cygnus Constellation?

By Linda Moulton Howe  | EARTHFILES

“What was so important to these early people that they gathered to build (and bury) the stone rings? The gulf that separates us from Gobekli Tepe’s builders is almost unimaginable.”
– Smithsonian Reporter Andrew Curry
“If you start looking into the religious ideas of cultures and indigenous civilizations, you’ll find that the star Deneb, Cygnus constellation, in the Milky Way’s Dark Rift was seen as a point of entry and exit into the sky world. It was seen as this is where the souls came from and this is where the souls return to in death.”
– Andrew Collins, Author, The Cygnus Mystery © 2006/2007
March 29, 2013   Gobekli Tepe 8 miles northeast of Sanliurfa, Turkey –

12,000-year-old circles of limestone pillars each weighing from 10 to 20 metric tons or more have been excavated in Gobekli Tepe, Turkey, about 9 miles (15 km) northeast of Sanliurfa, formerly known as Urfa or Edessa. More than twice the age of Mesopotamia, 40 standing T-shaped columns have so far been revealed in four circles between 30 feet and 98 feet (10 to 30 meters) in diameter. Ground-penetrating radar indicates there are still 250 more pillars buried in 16 circles extending over another 22 acres of the 30-acre Neolithic site. Image © 2008 by Haldun Aydingun.

Yellow marker at coordinates for Gobekli Tepe:  37.223237 N,  38.922546 E Gobekli Tepe in Turkish means “Potbelly Hill,” an archaeological site nine miles northeast of Sanliurfa not far from the Syrian border. The region’s water comes from the Euphrates, the longest river of Western Asia, that originates upstream from Keban, Elazig Province in eastern Turkey.

On Wednesday, June 13, 2012, as the sun rose I was standing on the Gobekli Tepe hilltop in southern Turkey not far from the Syrian northern border. Carbon dated to 12,000 years ago, Gobekli is older than Egypt, Sumeria, classical Greeks and Stonehenge. I had hoped, expected, that being there physically would help me understand the function of the mysterious 12,000-year-old rings of tall, T-shaped, oddly carved limestone pillars. But instead of understanding, I felt something alien, incomprehensible and disturbing.

Earthfiles Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe at June 13, 2012, sunrise on the Gobekli Tepe hill excavation 8 miles northeast of Sanliurfa, Turkey. German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt began scraping away dirt from the hill in 1994. His dlysis – combined with ground-penetrating radar – have revealed nearly 300 thin, elegant, T-shaped limestone pillars were placed 12,000 years ago in circles covering 30 acres. Then a thousand years later, the entire mysterious site was covered back over with soil for unknown reasons until it was uncovered again in 1994 by Klaus Schmidt. Image by James Sorensen for

Google Earth coordinates for Gobekli excavation site: 37.223237 N,  38.922546 E View over the main excavation area at Gobekli Tepe. In the foreground Enclosure D, to the left Enclosure C, in the background Enclosures B and A. Image © 2012 by DAI, N. Becker, Summer 2012 Issue 02 of Actual Archaeology Magazine-Anatolia, “The First Temple of the World: Gobekli Tepe.”

Ramps have been built to walk around the archaeological excavations of mysterious 10 to 19-foot-tall, elegantly carved T-shaped limestone pillars placed carefully in circular patterns. Each pillar weighs 10 to 20 metric tons. Many are sculpted with odd, even unrecognizable, animals, insects and humanoid figures. The unusual limestone pillars were quarried from bedrock pits located around 100 meters (330 ft) from the Gobekli hilltop.
Ground-penetrating radar has revealed nearly 300 thin, elegant, T-shaped limestone pillars were placed 12,000 years ago in circles covering 30 acres a thousand feet above the valley floor. Then a thousand years later, the entire mysterious site was covered back over with soil for unknown reasons until it was uncovered again in 1994 by Klaus Schmidt. Since then only 5% of the Gobekli Hill has been excavated.
To his surprise, archaeologist Klaus Schmidt did not find evidence of cooking hearths, houses or trash pits, and no clay fertility figurines. He found some stone hammers and blades, but no specific tools that could explain how the extraordinary 3-dimensional sculptures were made.


Another reporter who sensed the alien quality of Gobekli Tepe was Smithsonian magazine reporter Andrew Curry, during his visit to Gobekli Tepe in 2008. He wrote, “Predating Stonehenge by at least 6,000 years, Turkey’s stunning Gobekli Tepe upends the conventional view of the rise of civilization” far earlier than the academically acceptable timeline of Mesopotamia 5,000 years ago. “What was so important to these early people that they gathered to build (and bury) the stone rings? The gulf that separates us from Gobekli Tepe’s builders is almost unimaginable. Indeed, though I stood among the looming megaliths eager to take in their meaning, they didn’t speak to me. They were utterly foreign, placed there by people who saw the world in a way I will never comprehend. There are no sources to explain what the symbols might mean. Schmidt agrees, ‘We’re 6,000 years before the invention of writing here.’’’

Gobekli Tepe Enclosure D photographed at night with Urfa city lights in background © 2008 by Smithsonian Magazine.

So who placed sophisticated, carved limestone pillars on 30 some acres of the Gobekli Tepe hilltop twelve thousand years ago?  And why? Why was the entire Gobekli site deliberately covered over with dirt a thousand years after its construction as if to protect it from – what? Did the original Gobekli creators  have foreknowledge about a coming catastrophe? Did Someone with advanced technology rapidly re-bury all the pillars?
The effort needed to erect so many large stone circles over some 30 acres – and then have to bury all those pillars again centuries later – is beyond understanding.
U. K.’s Andrew Collins Finds Link to Cygnus Constellation
Also haunted by these questions is Andrew Collins, author of The Cygnus Mystery © 2006 U.K. and 2007 U. S. Other books include Beneath the Pyramids © 2009; and Ashes of Angels © 1996. Andrew has been exploring the history of ancient religious beliefs and their relationship to the universe for more than thirty years. He first traveled to Gobekli Tepe in 2004 and was so provoked by the strange limestone pillars that he began to work with engineer Rodney Hale, who has studied star alignments with prehistoric and sacred sites around the world. From their work together, Andrew is producing a new book to be released by Fall 2013 entitled Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods (Inner Traditions). In a prelude to the upcoming book, Andrew Collins summarized some of his new work at his website,, in a March 2013 article, Gobekli Tepe, Its Cosmic Blueprint Revealed. See Websites below.
We talked recently about his and Rodney Hale’s calculations that there is a consistent orientation of the larger central twin pillars in two of the stone pillar enclosures referred to as “C” and “D” excavated so far. That orientation 12,000 years ago would have been on the bright star Deneb in the Cygnus constellation, also known as the Northern Cross, and depicted as a flying swan by many ancient cultures.


NNW orientation diagram of Gobekli Tepe Enclosure D by Andrew Collins and Rodney Hale from March 2013 article, Gobekli Tepe, Its Cosmic Blueprint Revealed. See

South (top), West (right), North (bottom) and East (left) view over the main excavation area at Gobekli Tepe. In the foreground Enclosure D, to the left Enclosure C, in the background Enclosures B and A. Image © 2012 by DAI, N. Becker, June 2012 issue of Actual Archaeology Magazine-Anatolia, “The First Temple of the World: Gobekli Tepe.”

Interview: Andrew Collins, Author, The Cygnus Mystery © 2009,  Essex County, England: “The major central pillars at Gobekli Tepe – these ancient enclosures – are all directed towards the northwest. The entrances are in the southeast. The different pillars are facing the Entrant as they go into the structure. They then walk between the pillars and at this point achieve some kind of altered state of consciousness and enter a sacred space, both in mind and in body, and travel somewhere. Where exactly they travel is the $ million question at the moment. As far as I’m concerned, it’s reflected in the sky in which they are facing and that, of course, is the north.
The north is the eternal place of Darkness. It’s the place where the sun does not reach if you are in the Northern Hemisphere. But it’s also the direction of the Celestial Pole marked today by the Pole Star. But at the time of the construction of Gobekli Tepe, which was around 9,500 B. C. (11,500 to 12,000 years ago), there was no Pole Star. There was only a dark area around which the circumpolar – the stars that never set and just revolve around  and around and around. So, what was it that they (Gobekli builders) were actually interested in, in the sky?
At the time I came back (from Gobekli), the first official Gobekli site plans were published. This was in 2004. I looked at these and I realized that all of the main enclosures were orientated just to the west of north. There were other peoples around Gobekli, including the ancient city of i – which is just to the south of Gobekli Tepe.

[ Editor’s Note:  Harran was a major ancient city in Upper Mesopotamia whose site is near the modern village of Altinbasak, Turkey, 24 miles (44 km) southeast of Sanliurfa and Gobekli Tepe. ]

In fact, Gobekli Tepe overlooks the Harran Plain, where the ancients there believed in the power of the north. It was for them the point of First Creation. It was the point in the heavens where the souls came from and returned to in death. The Mystery of the North was the great ritual they celebrated each year.
To me, I wanted to try to understand what it was that interested them in the northern sky and I looked at the alignments just west of north and realized they seemed to be looking at a particular star. This was the brightest star Deneb in the constellation of Cygnus, the celestial swan or bird, which is also known as the Northern Cross.”

Deneb is the brightest star in the constellation Cygnus, the swan, also known as the Northern Cross. Illustration © by Andrew Collins.

Photograph of the constellation Cygnus, the swan, or Northern Cross with star Deneb at the top on January 23, 2004. Deneb is the brightest star in the Cygnus constellation and one of the vertices of the Summer Triangle. A blue-white supergiant, Deneb is the 19th brightest star in the night sky in its apparent magnitude of 1.25; and at its absolute magnituminosity) has been difficult to calculate, so it is anywhere between 54,000 and 196,000 times as bright as our Sun. Image 2004 by Till Creder,, The Netherlands.

Andrew Collins:  “And it was this bright star that the main central pillars in all of the Gobekli enclosures seemed to be focused toward. This was something that was the beginning of my interest in this constellation. If you start looking into civilizations, risen and fallen around the world – both in the Old World and the New World – it is at the core of religious beliefs, at creation myths, of funerary myths. It seemed to be the point in the sky that was the point of cosmic creation, but also the place of death. The place where the soul would return to in death.
Why was this so important? For two reasons. Firstly, because this was the position on the Milky Way where the Milky Way splits into two, like forks into two (branches) to create what is known as the Dark Rift.

For the rest of the fascinating article regarding Gobekli Tepe and the Star Deneb, by Linda Moulton Howe, please visit
You can find Part 2:  12,000-Year-Old Gobekli Tepe – Was It A Soul Recycling Machine Linked to Deneb in the Cygnus Constellation? by Linda Moulton Howe.
© 2013 by Linda Moulton Howe,


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Sleep paralysis or alien abduction?

Nearly four million Americans have had experiences of alien abduction, but in a study of 126 school-age children and 224 university students, it has shown that “alien knowledge” is more connected to television viewing, rather than to the abduction experience.

Millions of people are believed to have been visited by members of an alien species and, in some cases, physically taken to an alien planet, or a scientific laboratory. Wright, in 1994, summarized 317 transcripts of hypnosis sessions and interviews from 95 separate cases and concluded:

Numerous types of entities have visited our planet with a certain regularity. However, the “gray” is clearly the most common alien form”.


In many reports of kidnapping, the experience begins at night, when the person is at home in bed. Almost always, even if sometimes abductions occur during the day or outdoors, the abductees see an intense blue or white light, hear a hum and have a sense of an inexplicable presence, which generates a state of anxiety. Many see an aircraft with flashing lights, to then be led inside it. Once inside, the person can undergo various medical procedures, which often involve the implantation of a small object in the nose or other parts of the body. In almost all cases, communication with alien beings occurs through telepathy, while the abducted almost always feels completely helpless and paralyzed.

The alien figures they see are about four feet high, with a thin body and neck, a large head and huge almond-shaped black eyes. Grays usually have no hair and often only three fingers per hand. The rarer aliens include green or blue types, the northern aliens have blond hair, they are taller, and sometimes there are even seemingly human figures that collaborate with extraterrestrial creatures.


So far, abduction reports show two types of purpose: abductions for the reproduction of hybrid creatures (half human and half alien), and abductions where extraterrestrials warn humans of an imminent ecological catastrophe.

Some abductees spontaneously remember their experiences, while others remember the experience under hypnosis. Most of Wright’s ninety-five abductees have been hypnotized and interviewed several times, however there are many cases of “conscious recollection” of the abduction without hypnosis.

Naturally, the hypothesis of mental illness was also evaluated: Bloecher, Clamar and Hopkins in 1985 found a superior intelligence to the average in the patients and no sign of serious pathology among nine abducts. Parnell, in 1988, found no psychopathology among 225 individuals who reported only having witnessed a “sighting” that did not produce a kidnapping. More recently, Spanos, in 1993, compared UFO sighting reports from forty-nine people, finding that they were no less intelligent than the average, no longer prone to fantasy, and showed no more signs of psychopathology.

Also the “temporal lobe lability” has been analyzed: individuals with relatively labile temporal lobes are more inclined to the imagination, and more likely to report mystical and extracorporeal experiences, visions and psychic experiences: however, Spanos did not find any difference in a temporal lobe lability scale, among the people who had seen UFOs and various control groups. Cox, in 1995, compared a group of twelve British abductees with a matched control group and a student control group: once again, he found no differences on the temporal lobes.


A concluding theory states that abductions “are elaborations of sleep paralysis”, in which a person is apparently able to listen and see, without being able to move.

The ” International Classification of Sleep Disorders ” explains that sleep paralysis is common among narcoleptics, in which paralysis occurs mainly at the beginning of sleep, while only occasionally manifests in isolation during sleep. During paralysis, a person wakes up completely paralyzed, perceives a presence in the room, feels a sensation of panic, complete with lights and buzzing: attempts to get out of the state of paralysis during sleep are usually unsuccessful.

Spanos highlighted the similarities between alien abduction and sleep paralysis: most of the abduction experiences studied occurred during the night and most of the abductees reported symptoms very similar to the phenomenon of nocturnal paralysis: Cox instead divided his twelve kidnapped cases, in six day and six night abductions, discovering in this way that the “night abducts” reported a sleep paralysis significantly more frequent than any of the control groups.

Roper’s organization

The claim that 3.7 million Americans were kidnapped was based on a Roper survey conducted between July and September 1991 and published in 1992. John Mack, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, said that hundreds of thousands of American men women and children “may have experienced UFO abductions”: the report was published privately and sent to nearly one hundred thousand psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals encouraging them to ” be open to the possibility that something exists or is happening to their clients which, in our traditional Western context, cannot or should not not be “ .

The Roper provides a survey service that has been able to demonstrate with indicators, the similarity of the symptoms in the abductees, concluding that the people who have had four or more experiences are probably, really been kidnapped. Of the 5,947 people interviewed, 119 (or 2%) had four or five of the indicators. Since the population represented by the sample was 185 million, the total number was 3.7 million – hence the conclusion that nearly four million Americans have been abducted by aliens. Many scientists have chosen to ignore the survey, considering it imperfect; however, it was decided to extend this investigation, since the sampling technique appears to be solid and the sample broad.

But were these people really abducted or did they just have special psychological experiences like sleep paralysis?

The conclusions of the survey

We publish the conclusions of the Roper research: “The Roper Organization’s research on behalf of Bigelow Holding Company produced results that were unexpected by Bigelow Holding Company; chiefly because the number of people reporting occurrences of items on the list far exceeded what was anticipated, and also because the answers cut across most demographic subgroups… It is clear that significant numbers of people do report that these unusual events occurred, independent of any factors in the survey that might increase responses. “

(Copies of the report, Unusual personal experiences , may be available through The Roper Organization, 205 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017)

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Aliens deactivated nuclear weapons to show us how useless they are

As far back as in 2008, a group of former Air Force officers shared their incredible accounts of UFOs allegedly demonstrating a distinct interest in nuclear weapons sites; since then, lobbyists have urged heightened efforts to force the US government to declassify all it knows about extraterrestrials.


Aliens have been turning our nuclear weapons on and off to demonstrate how “useless” they are against them, claims an activist seeking to end the “government ET truth embargo”, reports Daily Star Online.

Stephen Bassett is the founder of Paradigm Research Group (PRG), which has been engaged in a tireless effort to shed light on the “truth” about extraterrestrials and UFOs.

Bassett claims that several witnesses have observed Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, as he calls them, in line with the US Navy’s official definition, manipulating our own nuclear weapons with ease and even “turning them off”.

However, the expert is quick to downplay any fears that this constitutes a threat to humanity, saying this actually shows us that ETs and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) support nuclear disarmament.

They turned off our nuclear weapons repeatedly; does that mean they are bad? The witnesses to the events, and there are many, generally believe that it is not an ominous thing but rather a message.

It wasn’t a threat but a message that these things are useless. [As if they’re saying] “they certainly are useless against us, all you are going to do is kill yourselves and we can’t turn them off at will, why don’t you just get rid of them?” That’s how the witnesses, by and large the majority, have interpreted this

This is by far not the first time it has been claimed that aliens have been shutting down nukes and showing an interest in military bases.

An excerpt from the military UFO sighting project, Blue book, dating from the 1960s: “Very bright light with jagged edges. Approximately round in shape, half the size of the full moon. Approximately 1/3 speed of a shooting star. ”

Former US Air Force lieutenant Bob Jacobs was one of a group of former Air Force officers, that also included Robert Salas, who appeared back in 2008 on CNN’s Larry King Live to make the claim that UFOs activated missile systems at five Air Force Bases in five different states, but the United States government had reportedly covered up the information.

Bob Salas, a former US Air Force captain, and Bob Jamison, a former US Air Force officer, made the sensational claim that during a missile test, an object “shot a beam of light at the warhead” in what has been called the 1967 Malmstrom AFB UFO incident, when missiles in the middle of Montana were reportedly rendered temporarily inoperable.

Salas said:

The Air Force investigated this secretly, I believe through 1972. I think this thing was not of this Earth. I’m convinced it was not built here, because it was able to send signals to each of our missiles separately. The guidance and control equipment was upset in each one

He was asked, he says, by commanders to sign a non-disclosure document in which he pledged to never talk about the incident.

Bob Jacobs, a former US Air Force photographic instrumentation officer, said a UFO appeared in a film he filmed in 1954 at Vandenberg Air Force Base and was later confiscated by CIA agents.

Stephen Bassett previously told Daily Star Online that NASA is forced by the US government to shut down the ISS live feed when aliens put in an appearance.

Bassett, who has long campaigned for the government to end its alleged embargo on the truth about extraterrestrial life, recently said NASA has essentially its “hands tied” when it comes to revealing the appearance of UFOs.

The executive director of Paradigm Research Group, founded in 1996, Bassett has been working to end what he claims is a government-imposed embargo on the truth behind the so-called “UFO” phenomenon.


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Unique UFO landing photos have appeared in Brazil

In 1995, in Brazil, there is a rare incident where a UFO leaves behind not only scared eyewitnesses but also material traces of its presence.

But, just a few days ago, photos of the incident were posted to the public for public access. Previously, only some Brazilian experts and ufologists had seen the photos.

On October 1, 1995, fishermen Fernando Bessera and Wilson da Silva Oliveira were fishing in their boat on the island of Ilha de Mayor, off the coast of Sao Paulo. Suddenly, they saw a large object in the shape of a disk that emitted a bright yellow light over their heads.

UFO disk, drawing of one of the eyewitnesses

At first, the fishermen took the object for a balloon, but when that disk landed on an island not far from them, they realized that it was something completely different.

The frightened fishermen immediately set sail from the place. They told their loved ones about what they saw. The next day, when the two fishermen with other curious people returned to the place, they saw strange imprints on the mud and grass.

Wilson says:

“I almost died of fear and immediately hid at the bottom of the boat …!”

Fernando shares:

“When the light was over our heads, the object changed direction and flew to the island. Then it landed on it. Then we tried to start the boat’s engine. Nothing happened. About ten times we tried, and it wasn’t until after that tenth attempt that the engine finally went to work and we set sail from there as quickly as possible. “

That night, both fishermen could not sleep in fear, and in the morning, could not resist not returning to the island and see if this object is still there. The site was gone, but there were many strange traces everywhere.

UFO landing spot

Including, a 5.5m rounded “track” where all the grass was dried and twisted clockwise.

Traces were found, most likely from the “chariots” of the disc. They are four rectangular concave tracks, each measuring 10 cm by 15 cm, with a depth of 2 cm in the ground.

A trace of one of the UFO chariots

Apparently, the flying object was small and not too heavy.

These days, this can be attributed to a large drone. However, nothing like this happened in 1995.

A few days later, a sensational UFO landing near Sao Paulo was published in the Brazilian Tribune. Local investigators of anomalous phenomena arrive at the site, take photos, take samples of soil and grass.

Later, they classify this case as a Close Encounter of the second type in the Heinek Classification. They consider the problems with the engine of the boat as a typical effect of electromagnetic UFO radiation on the operation of electronics. Also, severe corrosion of engine parts was detected, and there was none before the accident.

At the same time, the object had some physiological effect on the eyewitnesses themselves, probably using the same radiation. Both fishermen complained of skin and eye irritation for several days after the encounter.

Nothing unusual was found in the soil samples taken from the place of the disk landing. But when plant seeds were planted in it, they germinated very quickly. At the same time, the same seeds planted in soil taken outside the landing zone did not sprout at all during this time.

It is also revealed that this is neither a small aircraft nor a helicopter. Santos Air Force Base stated that at that time, no aircraft were flying in those areas.

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