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12 out of the 15 terrible prophecies in a Japanese manga have been fulfilled

12 out of the 15 terrible prophecies in a Japanese manga have been fulfilled 1
Photo: Tatsuki Manga

Tatsuki, a Japanese cartoonist, has a special ability to predict future disasters through dreams. In his 1999 comic book, “The Future I See,” he documented 15 predictive dreams he saw between 1985 and 1999. Amazingly, these dreams are becoming reality. Of these 15 predictions, 12 and a half have been fulfilled, including the 311 earthquake in Japan, the Great Hanshin Earthquake in Japan, the 311 earthquake, and the global outbreak of coronavirus in 2020.

Tatsuki says he had some weird dreams for a while in the last years. In his dreams, he saw the scene of future disasters, large and small, a total of 15 cases. One of the dreams came true 15 days later, so he decided to publish the information he had in his dream in the form of a cartoon and publish it in 1999.

Tatsuki’s dream has a characteristic of its fulfillment time. It is 15 days or 15 years after he sees the dream. If it doesn’t happen after 15 years, then add another 15 years. He announced a total of 15 dreams in the comics, and now there are only 2 dreams left unfulfilled, namely the Mount Fuji volcanic eruption and the Yokohama tsunami. Let us first look at a few cases that have been fulfilled in the past.

On January 2, 1995, Tatsuki dreamed that at some point in the future, the Kobe region of Japan would suffer major damage and disaster. Unfortunately, 15 days later, on January 17, 1995, that dream became a reality.

At 5:46:52 a.m. of that day, a 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck the Kobe region of Japan, known as the Kobe Earthquake, the largest direct urban earthquake in Japan since the 1923 Kanto earthquake. Kobe was a large, densely populated city in Japan at the time, and the earthquake killed more than 6,000 people, injured more than 40,000, damaged more than 600,000 homes to varying degrees and caused economic losses of 10 trillion yen.

On March 11, 1996, Tatsuki dreamed that 15 years later, in March 2011, a super disaster would occur in East Japan. On the cover of Tatsuki’s manga, the words “The Great Disaster of March 2011” are also printed. On March 11, 2011, Tatsuki’s dream becomes reality again.

Tatsuki prophecies
Tatsuki Manga predictions

On March 11, 2011, at 14:46:18 p.m., a 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck the Pacific Ocean east of Sendai city in eastern Japan. It was the first earthquake to exceed 9 magnitude on record in Japan and triggered a 40-meter-high tsunami, accompanied by a major nuclear leak. The disaster, which killed at least 15,000 people, left more than 2,000 missing, injured more than 6,000 and damaged more than 1.2 million homes, was designated Japan’s National Disaster Prevention Day on March 11.

Tatsuki also foresaw the coronavirus outbreak. On January 2, 1995, Tatsuki saw a passage in his dream:

“A virus will appear in 2020, peaking in April, and it will come back 10 years after the virus disappears, but it is not a disease with a high fatality rate.”

Although some parts of the prediction are somewhat different from the actual situation, it accurately mentioned that there will be a virus outbreak at this point in 2020.

Regarding the two predictions that have not yet occurred, on August 20, 1991, Tatsuki saw the explosion of Mount Fuji in his dream. Mount Fuji is an active volcano. The last eruption was in 1707. It has been asleep for more than 300 years. In April 2020, the Japanese government issued an early warning. In July, there were reports about the abnormal changes in the lava of Mount Fuji. Many people worry that this dream may unfortunately come true in 2021.

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Between June and September 1981, Tatsuki dreamed several times of a tsunami in Yokohama, Canagawa Prefecture, Japan. If Tatsuki’s dream will come true, 15 years in 1981 is 1996, 15 years in 2011 and 15 years is in 2026. Therefore, some people speculate that this prediction may be fulfilled in 2026.

In addition to these more well-known predictions, Tatsuki’s dreams also accurately predicted other things, such as the death of Princess Diana, or the death of a Japanese singer, and so on. Her prediction was also published on an official website called “Busy Detective Agency”.

In addition, some media reports pointed out that in the cover of the comic “I See the Future” was a girl who covered half of her face with one hand, only one eye was exposed, and the comic was related to a prophecy.

Tatsuki girl with the all seeing eye
Tatsuki Manga cover with the all seeing eye symbolism

Therefore, some people speculate whether the girl’s eye is related to the “all-seeing eye” of Freemasonry.


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