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12 Million Americans Believe Reptilians Are Ruling The World

12 Million Americans Believe Reptilians Are Ruling The World 1

David Icke the sports writer for the BBC launched a book that made the claim that society is controlled by humanoid reptiles with the name of the Reptilians.

Many people thought it was science fiction but it was not, and while it might sound like a conspiracy theory that is outrageous, according to a public survey more than 12 million people in the US believe it to be true.

Where Did The Reptilians Come From?

In regards to where the reptilians came from there are two main theories. Some people think that they evolved on Earth after leaving the planet after mastering intergalactic travel and they then returned millions of years later.

Other people think that the Reptilians came from the Draco constellation and arrived on Earth many thousands of years back and went undercover. These people believe that they bred with human beings as they changed the DNA of humans to stop people from using their full brain capacity and so making it easier for them to control people.

It was said that by changing the DNA of humans, it was easier for the Reptilians to possess humans. The demigods gained power in Mesopotamia and Babylon and also spread into the royal families, they have essentially made a global prison and people do not realize this due to being distracted by the media and eating food that has been poisoned.

So How Can You Tell A Reptilian Apart From A Human?

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Icke said that there are full-blood and crossbreed Reptilians. The full-blood species realize that they are Reptilian and they are able to change between the Reptilian skin and human form. Hybrids do not know that they are Reptilian and think they are human beings and they push the New World Order.

Icke said that there are some signs that can distinguish a Reptilian from a human being. These include:

Having blue piercing eyes or eyes that change color similar to a chameleon
Reddish hair
Sense of not belonging
Blood pressure that is low
Strong compassion for mankind’s fate
Keen hearing or sight
ESP and psychic ability
Scars that cannot be explained
Disruption of electrical power
Contact with UFO and aliens



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