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12.12.2020 – for one day “the gates of fate change will open”

12.12.2020 - for one day "the gates of fate change will open" 1

Saturday, December 12th can give you a rare chance to change your destiny. Numerologists warn that only on this day a certain energy portal will be opened, in which “correctly” formulated desires can come true very quickly, radically changing a person’s life.

Very soon an amazing time will come when rare astronomical, numerological and astrological events will occur almost every day.

The magic number 12, symbols and numerological interpretation of the  mirror date

12.12.2020 for one day "the gates of fate change will open"

In the history of our civilization, the number 12 has always had a special meaning, it is enough to recall some significant concepts, such as:

  • an annual cycle of 12 months;
  • exactly 12 signs of the zodiacal circle;
  • division of daylight and dark time of day by 12 hours;
  • 12 tribes of Israel;
  • 12 imams of the prophet Muhammad. By the way, Christ had the same number of apostles;
  • there were also 12 gods in the Greek pantheon;
  • there are exactly 12 tribes in the Buddhist wheel of rebirth.

This figure has such a sacred meaning that in ancient times they were sure that it was this number that governs the entire world order. From ancient religions and mythology to the system with which we control time. It is enough to recall the 12 sectors of the dial. Another interesting fact is that the minute hand moves at a speed 12 times slower than the second. The Western system of measures to this day remains duodecimal. The old Russian system was the same. Finally, this magic number was considered a digital symbol of truth, wisdom and inexhaustible power. Also, the tradition calls the number 12 the number of higher spiritual beings – Angels.

Numerologists warn about the inconsistency of this number. So, the fusion of two opposites 1 and 2 creates a powerful combination, and the summing influence 3, turns energy into an instrument that allows you to influence the fate of a person.

The canonical unit expresses the independence and integrity of the individual. This is the masculine principle associated with the thirst for success, experience and creation. Also, it is responsibility for everything that happens in destiny. Realization that the reality in which you live is the materialization of your ideas and ideas about the world and about yourself.

The deuce is feminine, it is responsible for balance, flexibility, harmony. This number indicates the need for unity, partnership.

The unity of these numbers has a high energy potential, and on December 12, the number 12 will be repeated twice, which will double its energy.

The numerological meaning of 2020 is closely related to relationships and family. Adding all the numbers, we get 4. In numerology, this number is responsible for stability and respect in society. Starting from a strong family, a well-established way of life to career achievements.

12.12.2020 – the “gates” of fate change open

12.12.2020 for one day "the gates of fate change will open"

The most dangerous on this day will be those forces that can completely change your destiny, and cannot be controlled. If a person intends to use the energy of the “magic” day 12.12, then he must understand that it may not be possible to choose the desired scenario from the infinite space of options.

Numerologists advise to prepare for the mirror date by thinking in advance which area of ​​life you are really ready to change. After all, the “crazy” thought about how great it would be to live a single life can very quickly become a reality.

Maintain a positive attitude, think only of the desired changes that will not harm third parties. If you do not like the boss, then it is better to imagine yourself as the owner of your business or a leading employee of another company in which the boss is just an angel in the flesh. It is absolutely impossible to wish bad things to the hated leader, this evil intention will boomerang back into your life.

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How to get through the “gates of change” 12.12.2020 and attract good luck

12.12.2020 for one day "the gates of fate change will open"

Prepare ahead of time and prioritize things to focus on on Saturday. This day is the best time to start something new, on which you have not dared for a long time.

Formulate your desires clearly, without vague wordings and the “NOT” particle. Also, it is better to think of the desired as a come true fact.

For example, you can think: “I work in a new team as a head of a department with a salary of X thousand dollars,” but it would be wrong to formulate the desire as follows: “I want another job so that I get at least that same X amount per month”.

When you prepare for the mirror date, the answer may come the day before in a dream, try to remember the content of dreams.

What to do during the day:

12.12.2020 for one day "the gates of fate change will open"

Plan several times when you can retreat and reflect on the desired changes in life.

Sincerely, without a doubt, wish yourself success in business, especially if you decide on a completely new business. Imagine yourself in this wonderful future, try to make the picture of your dreams bright, with the smallest details:

  • Get down to specific things, on this day, laziness can cross out all affirmations and hopes to change your life for the better.
  • Pay attention to the signs, on such days the universe can both warn against danger and suggest the fastest way to success.
  • If you have not succeeded in something before, then on December 12, the most unexpected solutions to complex problems may come, which you did not even think about.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask someone for advice or discuss your ideas, the number 3 is responsible for the success of any communication.
  • If you are worried about finding someone with whom you can build a strong relationship, then Saturday is the perfect time to meet.
  • Finally, allow yourself to be filled with the energy of unconditional love. This is not so difficult to do. First of all, you need to love yourself, and this is a responsible attitude to health, nutrition, environment. Think about what you need to change to become healthier and happier.

The magical power of a mirror date will act in all directions that you will be able to work on that day. Don’t look back, feel the energy of confidence. It will be a shame to miss such a chance to change your life for the better, take the first step towards your wildest dream and do not doubt your success


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