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10 Zombies Different From The Ones In films

Witches, werewolves, and vampires appear repeatedly in numerous works of  fiction, with a number of historical inspirations for these fictional works.  Similarly, zombies also keep showing up in popular culture, from Resident  Evil to The Walking Dead. Yet, zombies have outside inspirations  as well. This list features ten such instances, where historical people were  alleged to have actually been zombies, or something depicted in some form of  media turns out to have basically been a proto-zombie.

10. Roanoke Colony


The Roanoke Colony on Roanoke Island in Dare County, North Carolina is no  stranger to mystery and conspiracy theories. Historically, the colony represents  a risky attempt by Queen Elizabeth I to establish a permanent English settlement  in North America. Sir Walter Raleigh gained his deceased half-brother’s charter  from Queen Elizabeth I, and subsequently dispatched an expedition to explore the  Eastern coast of North America. This expedition arrived on Roanoke Island  on July 4, 1584 and was followed by additional voyages to Roanoke Colony.

Unfortunately, the final group of colonists disappeared mysteriously during  the Anglo-Spanish War, three years after the last shipment of supplies arrived  from England in 1787. When Englishmen landed on August 18, 1590, they found the  settlement deserted with no trace of the 90 men, 17 women, and 11 children who  previously inhabited the colony. Nor did the sailors discover any sign of a  struggle or battle. They did, however, notice the word “Croatoan” carved into a  post of the fort, and “Cro” carved into a nearby tree.

This lead them to conclude that the disappeared settlers must have moved to  Croatoan Island. Threatening weather prevented a search of that island. As such,  with the mystery not solved, the colonists’ disappearance gave rise to the  nickname “The Lost Colony,” and a diverse list of hypotheses regarding what  happened to them. These include integration with local tribes, loss at sea,  starvation, destruction by the Spanish, and yes, zombies. Well, sort of, at  least according to Max Brooks’s fictitious Zombie Survival Guide. The  book is presented in a manner intended to aid survivors of a zombie apocalypse  that includes references to supposed real life incidents of zombies in history,  including, of course, Roanoke Colony. But it does not stop there; the Zombie  Research Society includes an article on the topic, and even that is not  the end of zombies in Roanoke as seen here.

9. Alexander Kinyua and the 2012 Zombie Apocalypse


In May 2012, Alexander Kinyua, a 21-year-old student at Morgan State  University in Baltimore, was arrested for not only murdering his 37-year-old  roommate Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, but for also dismembering him and eating his  brains and heart. The case became part of an alleged wave of  “zombie apocalypse” attacks in 2012, that included several other bizarre (and  rather sickening) incidents. These included Wayne Carter, a 43-year-old from  Hackensack, New Jersey disemboweling himself and throwing his skin and  intestines at police, and an occurrence in Palmetto, Florida, where 26-year-old  Charles Baker got naked and bit off some of 48-year-old Jeffery Blake’s arm,  before police arrived to rescue him. Not surprisingly, the media (some more  seriously than others) covered these events as if they were part of some  connected zombie phenomenon.

8. Baron Samedi


One of the original historical zombies is none other than Baron Samedi (Baron Saturday). Baron Samedi  is one of the Loa (spirits) of Haitian Voodoo, specifically a Loa of the dead  and the Loa of resurrection, hence the zombie connection. One of his “jobs” is  to ensure all corpses rot in the ground, to stop souls from being brought back  as brainless zombies. Nevertheless, he is himself depicted as the titular zombie  in the famed second entry of the Nightmare interactive board game  series. He also appears as a playable character in the other games of the  series.

In Voodoo lore, he also has a wife named Maman Brigitte, who has been  syncretized with the Irish Saint Brigid. The African slaves in Haiti syncretized  the Loa with Roman Catholic saints, so as to appease their European masters who  otherwise prevented them from practicing their own religions.

7. Clairvius Narcisse


Whereas Baron Samedi is more of a mythical figure, Haiti also has been home  to alleged zombies with a more historical basis. The strange case of Clairvius Narcisse concerns a Haitian man  allegedly turned into a living zombie by a combination of tetrodotoxin  (pufferfish venom) and bufotoxin (toad venom) by his brother, as punishment for  breaking one of the traditional behavioral codes. Most likely, these drugs  induced a coma, mimicking the appearance of death. He was later given doses of  Datura stramonium to create a compliant zombie-like state, so that he could work  for two years on a plantation. After the plantation owner died, Narcisse walked  away to freedom, returning to his village after eighteen years.

The case of Narcisse is historically significant, as the first potentially  verifiable example of an individual being transformed into a “zombie.” It is  also a major aspect of the book The Serpent and the Rainbow, written by ethnobotanist and researcher  Wade Davis. The book inspired a 1988 horror film of the same name.

6. Other Haitian Zombies


In 1997, English medical journal The Lancet published a set of case studies detailing three reports of  zombification in the island nation. One was around thirty years old when she  died. Three years later, she was seen waling around, identified via a unique  facial scar. Then there was a 26-year-old male whose grave was not watched over  the first night, as is Haitian tradition. Nineteen months later, he showed up at  a cock fight, alive and angry at his uncle for turning him into a zombie by not  watching the grave. Finally, a 31-year-old girl died after attending a vigil for  someone else who had become zombified, only to reappear 13 years later as a Mommy zombie, having given birth to a child whose father was  also a zombie.

5. Rumored Zombies in Cambodia and Russia


In 2010 and again in 2012, various reports and even videos (probably of  drugged or mentally ill people, or actors) purporting to show Russian zombies popped up on the Internet.  While some of these websites are clearly hoaxes,  others seem more valid, including news concerning a drug known as krokodil that  rots the flesh off its abusers in such a way that they resemble “zombies.”

Even earlier, in 2005, reports claiming to have originated with BBC alleged  that some kind of zombie outbreak occurred in Cambodia, in which people’s hearts restarted  after apparent death, and they then acted violently upon “resurrection.” In both  scenarios, forum posters and bloggers denounced the mainstream media for not  adequately covering this bit of unverified news.

4. Golems


In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated anthropomorphic being,  created entirely from inanimate matter. As such, they are not traditionally  zombies in the usual sense, yet they have many similar characteristics.  Moreover, although they are technically an example of a folkloric being, they  have also been alleged to really exist in a few memorable historic  instances.

Three notable examples are worthy of mentioning. First, the oldest  description of a golem by a historical figure is included in a tradition  connected to Rabbi Eliyahu of Chelm. A Polish Kabbalist, writing in about  1630–1650, reported the creation of a golem by Rabbi Eliyahu, and Rabbi Jacob  Emden elaborated on the story in a book published in 1748. Second, the most  famous golem narrative involves Judah Loew ben Bezalel, a sixteenth century  rabbi of Prague, who reportedly created a golem to defend the Prague ghetto from  antisemitic attacks and pogroms. Allegedly, some strictly orthodox Jews actually  do believe that this particular rabbi did in fact create a golem. At least one  rabbi writing in the twentieth century even claimed to have seen the Prague  golem’s remains!

Finally, the Vilna Gaon said that he once began to create a person when he  was a child but, during the process, he received a sign from Heaven ordering him  to stop. Yet, he claimed to have tried again anyway as an adult. He wrote an  extensive commentary, claiming also tried to create a golem to fight the power  of evil at the Gates of Jerusalem.

3. George Forster


George Forster was a convicted murderer of  his wife and child. He allegedly drowned them in Paddington Canal, London. He  was then hanged for his crimes at Newgate on January 18, 1803, but his story  does not end there. His body was subsequently taken to a nearby house, where it  was used in an experiment by Italian scientist Giovanni Aldini, who was an  enthusiastic proponent of stimulating muscles with an electric current, a  technique known as Galvanism. Several of those present at the experiment in 1803  seriously believed that Forster was indeed being brought back to life, due to  the strange contortions made as Aldini jolted the corpse with electricity. As  such, the incident serves as a possible likely inspiration for Mary Shelley’s  Frankenstein, and has been referenced in such History  Channel documentaries as Zombies: A Living History.

2. Miami Cannibal Attack


On May 26 2012, a nude Rudy Eugene assaulted Ronald Poppo in Miami, Florida.  After accusing Poppo of Bible theft, Eugene beat Poppo unconscious, removed his  pants, and proceeded to bite off most of his face above the beard, including his  left eye, leaving him blind in both eyes. The shocking attack, which received  worldwide media coverage that frequently tossed around the Z-word, ended when  Eugene was fatally shot by a Miami police officer. Eugene has since been  nicknamed the “Miami Zombie.”

1. Various Victims of Jeffrey Dahmer


Finally, we come to one of the most bizarre episodes in American history. Jeffrey  Dahmer, an American serial killer and sex offender, murdered at least  seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991. His abuse of these victims not  only included cannibalism, but also his theory that he could turn his  victims into submissive “zombie” lovers, by drilling holes into their skulls and  injecting hydrochloric acid or boiling water into the frontal lobe area of their  brains with a large syringe. Needless to say, he failed in this project.  Fortunately, he was caught, tried, convicted, and subsequently murdered in  prison.

By Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, author of Meteors That Enlighten The Earth


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The first guests from a parallel world appeared on Earth?

In the vicinity of October 13, 2020, somewhere in the Alps, some people from Bosnia observed a very strange phenomenon, a report of which was posted on her Facebook profile by a certain Malisa Simic.  

The video is in Bosnian, so it is difficult to understand the story in detail, but the general description comes down to the observation by a person in the video of some blurry figures with wings and a height of 3.5 meters. Behind them were some kind of luminous objects and all this made an eerie, frightening sound. 

In the frame appears an adult, who probably has a family and a number of urgent matters related to his provision. That is, he has no time to run around the mountains and make fakes. 

The second interesting point is the simultaneous report of citizen Manuel Navarett, an employee of the USPS (United States Postal Service), who on September 24, 2020, met a hefty red-eyed creature with wings at the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

Unfortunately for researchers, YouTube and social networks are now crammed with all sorts of creative degenerates who want to make stupid fakes or want to become famous, or cut down views, so we very rarely watch and analyze videos of this kind. Distinguishing a real report from a clownery is quite difficult and takes a lot of time. Nevertheless, with these figures, everything ‘seems’ to be interesting.

Manuel reported the following: 

On Thursday, September 24, around 11:00 pm, I finished my shift at the USPS sorting center at O’Hare Airport and walked to my car at the far end of the parking lot. Nearby, about 20-25 feet from the car, stood a very tall man in what I thought was a long coat. 

I opened the door and the car automatically turned on the headlights. The light hit this tall man directly, which obviously made him turn and look directly at me. And then I saw that it was not a man, but something tall and red-eyed with wings, which I initially took for a long coat. I was 5 feet 4 inches, but IT was at least a couple of feet taller than me. 

It began to stare at me, making a clicking and low chirping sound. Then it began to approach quickly, and the clatter in his throat turned into a squeal. When I was about ten feet away, the creature spread its wings and took off, flying directly above me. I squatted down in front of the open car door and screamed hysterically ….

Thus, we already have, as it were, two similar cases that happened at the same time, albeit on different sides of the Earth. People are watching something and this is – tall entities, with wings and make some frightening sounds.

Similar messages from time to time come from different parts of the world, it is even possible that one of the readers saw something similar himself, he does not need to be convinced that there are some creatures with wings around us. Most likely they have always been, since legends and tales are full of such episodes. But the fact that they began to be observed somehow very clearly and even, it seems, got on camera in the Alps is a little alarming.

We don’t know how to explain what’s happening, because we don’t even know what kind of winged creatures they are. But, according to the general opinion, such creatures exist as if in a parallel dimension and almost never cross the border between the worlds. 

However, if they continue to be observed just as often and clearly, then it seems that the boundaries between our worlds are somehow erased and soon something else will fall here.

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TOP Rare facts about the first landing on the moon

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, and the whole world gasped. Since then, we have not stopped gasping and groaning, learning new facts about that flight.

We know a lot about the legendary flight of Apollo 11, but a lot of interesting details have remained behind the scenes of the moon race. How much did the Apollo 11 flight cost, what does moon dust smell like and how dangerous it is, why were the astronauts taught to walk sideways and what nearly exploded after landing? “Popular Mechanics” will tell about these and many other little-known, but damn interesting facts associated with the first manned landing on the moon.

The moon smells like burning

The big question before the NASA team was: what will the surface of the moon be? Will the lander feet touch a hard surface or sink into something soft? The good news was that the surface was actually quite hard, but the real surprise was that the moon had its own scent.

astronaut on the moon
NASA Aldrin after collecting a sample of lunar soil. Pay attention, under his feet is a scoop-landing net with a long handle

When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin returned to the lunar module, the lunar mud entered the cabin and began to smell strong. The astronauts reported that it was the smell of something burnt, like wet ash from a fireplace.

The cost of a flight to the moon flew into a pretty penny

In total, the States spent more than $ 25 billion on the Apollo program. Decent, but in 1960s prices. In terms of today’s money, this is more than $ 150 billion – that’s really decent.

NASA Saturn 5 booster with Apollo 11 during launch. Millions of dollars burn so brightly

Only Apollo 11 itself cost the Americans 355 million dollars, and another 185 million had to be paid for the Saturn 5 launch vehicle. Further on the little things: the command module “Columbia”, in which Michael Collins remained while Armstrong and Aldrin roamed the moon ($ 55 million), the lunar module “Eagle” ($ 40 million).

The USSR carefully concealed attempts to get to the Moon first

Not only the States were going to demonstrate their dominance by landing people on the moon, the Soviet Union was also preparing for this feat. From 1967 to 1969, the USSR launched a lot of spacecraft – “Cosmos”, “Probes”, “Soyuz” and “Luna”. The most successful of these turned out to be Zond-5, which became the first spacecraft in the world to return photographic film taken from the Moon to Earth.

True, as soon as the American astronauts set foot on its surface first, the Soviets lost interest and reduced their efforts in this direction to a minimum.

At first, our country needed secrecy so that, God forbid, no one would catch up with us. But then, when the States did catch up with us and overtook us, we had to maintain secrecy so that no one knew that we had been beaten.

Astronauts trained, literally walking sideways

How do you prepare to send someone to a place no one has ever been? To do this, NASA created a series of simulators in the 1960s that simulated what astronauts might encounter in reality.

NASA training
NASA: Astronauts Prepared for Lunar Gravity in Exotic Pose

Aldrin practiced collecting samples on artificial moonlit landscapes indoors. Armstrong trained in piloting on a training simulator in Houston. And to simulate walking in the atmosphere with the gravity of the moon, astronauts, dressed in spacesuits, were hung sideways on special cables and forced to walk for hours on the walls of the Langley Research Center.

For 20 years we could not find a photo of Armstrong on the moon

After that flight, it was officially believed that there was not a single photo of Neil Armstrong, taken on the moon while leaving the ship, since he had the camera all the time.

Neil Armstrong on the moon
NASA Here it is, the only snapshot of Neil Armstrong on the Moon that could not be found for 20 years. By the way, later NASA decided to make red stripes on the commander’s spacesuit so that the astronauts could be easily distinguished.

However, in 1987, NASA historians managed to make a discovery: there is still a picture, but it is the only one. Edwin Aldrin took a camera that Armstrong had placed on the open panel of the lunar module’s cargo hold before collecting rock samples and shot a panorama. Part of this panorama was the shot with Armstrong.

Buzz Aldrin received communion on the moon

When Eagle landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had to wait a bit before embarking on their first moonwalk. Aldrin, as an elder in the Presbyterian Church, made good use of his time and did things that no other person has ever done. He took part in the first religious sacrament ever performed on the moon – the rite of Christian communion. Armstrong declined to participate.

Aldrin had originally hoped for a live radio broadcast, but at the last moment NASA dropped the idea. All because of a lawsuit initiated by the militant atheist Madaline Murray O’Hare: she filed a lawsuit against the agency in connection with the fact that the crew of Apollo 8 on Christmas Eve 1968 in lunar orbit on the air read the first chapter of Genesis.

Scientists were terribly afraid of space microbes

Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins found themselves stuck in a biological defense quarantine upon arrival. Since humans had never been to the moon before, NASA scientists couldn’t be sure that some deadly space plague hadn’t come along with the astronauts.

Apollo 11 crew
NASA Upon arrival on Earth, the Apollo 11 crew communicated with the world only through the glass of the special van. Even with President Nixon.

As soon as their capsule splashed down in the Pacific on July 24, 1969, the trio were sent into a mobile quarantine van, which was taken to NASA’s Lunar Reception Laboratory in Houston, where the team remained until August 10, 1969.

Film cassettes and sample containers were less fortunate. The films were sterilized in an autoclave for several hours, after which they were sent to the darkroom. There, one of the photo technicians accidentally took the cassette with his bare hands (just the one that the astronauts dropped on the moon) and was taken out in the moon dust. He had to take a five minute disinfectant shower.

Lunar Reception Laboratory
NASA This is the building of the Lunar Reception Laboratory, where the crew spent 18 days of quarantine

The sample containers were double sterilized: first with ultraviolet light, then with peracetic acid. Then they were rinsed with sterile water and dried with nitrogen. The opening of the containers was delayed due to unstable pressure in the vacuum zone.

They suspected a small leak in one of the gloves that could be used to manipulate the samples. Less than a week later, the gloves were torn. Most of the lunar samples were exposed to the earth’s atmosphere, and two of the technicians had to be quarantined. Then four more technicians were quarantined. In total, more than two dozen people have been quarantined.

President Nixon prepared in advance for mission failure

As Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin jump across the moon’s surface, Richard Nixon’s anxiety peaked. After all, if something goes wrong, he will have to make excuses to ordinary Americans for billions of wasted tax dollars.

Employees of the 37th President of the United States prepared a statement that he was supposed to read in case the worst happened. Even the NASA staff chaplain was on a low start. Watching the Apollo 11 adventures live, the President could only hope he didn’t have to read that statement. As we know, it was never necessary to read it. The mission failure speech was only made public 30 years later.

Astronauts did not land where planned

When Lunar Module Eagle, with Armstrong and Aldrin aboard, undocked from Command Module Columbia, in which Collins remained, the residual pressure inside the tunnel connecting the two spaceships was not sufficiently relieved. So “Eagle” received a small, but still an additional impetus.

Nine minutes before landing, Armstrong realized that the Eagle would fly past the planned landing site. According to astronauts’ estimates, they should have missed by about five kilometers (in fact, they missed by six).

Lunar module "Eagle"
NASA Lunar module “Eagle” after undocking from the command module “Columbia”

But the search for a new safe landing site is not so bad. Due to the overload, the Eagle’s onboard computer distracted astronauts with constant emergency signals, and radio communications with the Mission Control Center were patchy. Fortunately, since the on-board system alarm was intermittent, the MCC considered the risk of overload low and gave the go-ahead to land.

When the Eagle had only 30 seconds of fuel left, Armstrong gently guided the lunar module towards the makeshift landing pad: “Houston, says Tranquility Base. The Eagle sat down. “

The lunar module nearly exploded

As adrenaline dropped and the astronauts completed their tasks, another problem was brewing. Although the Eagle’s landing engine had already been turned off, the sensors recorded an increase in pressure in its fuel line. This could mean only one thing: an ice plug formed in the system, and the accumulated fuel vapors were heated from the unit that had not yet cooled down.

At NASA, the situation was considered critical, and if the increase in pressure is not eliminated, the Eagle could explode. However, before the instructions for venting the fuel system were given to Armstrong and Aldrin, the ice plug melted, the pressure returned to normal, and the problem went away on its own.

The danger of moon dust

Created billions of years ago by meteorite impacts, the Moon lacks processes that could give debris and tiny soil particles smoother shapes. The astronauts have discovered that abrasive dust is much more than a nuisance.

Buzz Aldrin's Trail on the Moon
NASA Aldrin’s boot imprint, which literally inherited in the history of astronautics.

In later missions after Apollo 11, with longer exits to the lunar surface, there were reports that dust particles penetrated the interior of the lunar module, covered the visors of helmets, and caused zippers to wedge. The moon dust penetrated even through the layers of the protective suit material.

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Bizzare & Odd

The peak of deaths on Halloween: the history of 1918 repeats itself in the USA

In the United States, the history of a century ago is repeating itself: in 1918, the Halloween celebration was canceled due to the Spanish flu epidemic – the noise of parties disturbed the sick in the hospitals. Mass events were banned this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but many Americans still decorate their homes and are going to celebrate the holiday online. They did not break traditions in the White House either. At the same time, some US residents are wondering: is it worth celebrating Halloween in 2020, when all thoughts are about death due to the coronavirus?

Americans have already begun preparations for the Halloween celebration, despite the cancellation of mass events. The focus has shifted from hosting parties to decorating their own homes and virtual flash mobs in which Tiktokers offer to dress themselves up as dead Disney princesses . However, some social media users have questioned the need to celebrate Halloween this year, given the coronavirus pandemic. 

“This Halloween will be the scariest one,” they tweet.

100 years ago in the United States there was a similar situation : all Halloween parties were canceled due to the Spanish flu epidemic, which killed 50 to 100 million people worldwide.

On the eve of Halloween, the number of cases of the Spanish flu increased – the second and most powerful wave of the epidemic occurred.

“Not only was there a peak in mortality on Halloween eve, but there were some pretty strong waves of disease,” Carolyn Orbann, assistant professor of medical sciences at the University of Missouri-Columbia , told CNN . 

“The highest death rate was observed from October to December, possibly due to a more deadly strain of the virus and crowding in hospitals and military camps.”

However, those Americans who were not affected by the disease were tired of being locked up in quarantine and demanded a holiday. There are reports of local newspapers that year, which say that they celebrated more than ever “harsh and stormy”: and in Alabama, crowds of boys running from home to riots, forcing the police to drive on false calls and provoking accidents. A reporter for The Birmingham News wrote that after a month of quarantine, Birmingham residents were literally torn apart from the desire to celebrate Halloween.

“The Health Council’s order banning parties acted like a red rag for a bull — the killer joy of ordinary Halloween festivities poured in,” wrote local media in 1918. The Americans celebrated so vigorously that the San Francisco authorities had to ban people from making noise, because loud noises irritated patients in wards. 

“Conditions were dire in most places in the United States by October 31, 1918,” Elizabeth Otka, professor of English at the University of Richmond, told CNN. –

Shops, schools, churches were closed, there was devastation and the realization that celebrating Halloween was a bad idea.”

Denver has banned parties, during which they usually arranged “diving for apples, tying the tail to a donkey with a blindfold and other entertainment.” Many states have canceled Halloween celebrations for economic reasons – so as not to waste extra food supplies. “I saw a report from Missouri where they usually throw dry corn into each other’s house,” Orbann said. “But in 1918 the price of corn was too high to be scattered, and the children used sawdust to do it.”

Although public gatherings were banned in cities, some people threw house parties. “People did not break the rules, but adjusted to them,” the historian noted. Despite the horrors of the Spanish woman in 1918, people wanted to celebrate and visit each other, as now, in a pandemic, Elizabeth Otka notes. “1918 was remembered for the stacks of coffins and dead bodies, the gravediggers were simply exhausted,” she added. – Nevertheless, many continued to live as before, if none of their relatives was sick, forgetting how dangerous it can be.

It seems reasonable to spend Halloween this year differently, although I love the holiday, it’s great. But to stay alive, I think, is still better. “

To prevent a 100-year-old history from repeating itself on an entire scale, the Los Angeles authorities banned any Halloween parties, gathering at haunted houses, and children from running to neighbors for candy, although, according to tradition, they and so should be in masks and costumes – carnival. But the Americans are not discouraged and carry out flash mobs on the Internet. So, the participants of one of them on TikTok are invited to fantasize about what would become of the Disney princesses if they did not live to see the happy ending.


alice finds a bottle labelled ‘drink me’ unaware of its rapid shrinking side effects

♬ B3AKY Let Us Adore You Remix – Shiiny✨

Another resident in quarantine, Samantha Browning, came up with the idea of ​​painting Barbie toy doll houses for mysterious mansions from horror films. Her new hobby takes Samantha 5-10 hours. With Halloween approaching, items created in the summer have become more relevant, because now, in order to beg for sweets from neighbors, you don’t have to go to their houses, but do it in front of Samantha’s creations “contactlessly”.

“This year the pandemic canceled the traditional Halloween, but I decided to adapt the pipe railings on one of my mansions so that candy would slide down for families who still want to celebrate the holiday in a safe way,” explained Samantha on social media. “One of my dollhouses is on the inside veranda, and on Halloween night, I’ll probably put two of the creepiest houses outside with battery-powered candles.”

They did not cancel the holiday in the White House, even despite Trump’s illness. This was announced on Tuesday by CNN, citing a source. It is noted that when celebrating Halloween, the recommendations of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be taken into account. 

This means adherence to the mask regime and other preventive measures. Usually on this day, relatives of the US administration staff , families of American military personnel and students of the capital’s schools are invited to the White House , and the head of state and the first lady treat children to sweets on the South Lawn of the White House.

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