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10 Shocking Myths Often Believed To Be True

We decided to put together a well researched list of 10 myths that are often believed to be true on this planet. We decided to pick myths that would not only be insightful for the average person but also for the average truth seeker out there. This list is a powerful tool to send to others as it can assist in opening them up to looking outside the box and getting more into asking questions about our reality here. This is a crucial step in awakening others to the shift going on so be sure to share this list with others!

NOTE: Please be sure to read each article and not just assume the content. Each are  researched and sourced.

1. The Dairy Myth: “Milk Does The Body Good” We hear it so often that milk is good for us and an essential part of ones diet. The truth is, cows milk is meant to be consumed by baby cows, not humans. The effect milk has on the body is quite the opposite to what we are told. Milk draws calcium out of the bones making them weaker and the calcium from milk is not taken in by the body. Not only that, dairy is linked to being the cause of many health problems due to the fact we are not designed to consume it. READ FULL ARTICLE

2. The Protein Myth: “Eat Your Meat!” Another “essential” part of our diet is said to be meat. We must get our protein from meat! This also is not true, in fact getting your protein from meat is not only an inefficient way of getting protein but it is extremely unhealthy. Like dairy, the body is not designed to consume meat and thus meat is the number one cause of a long list of health issues. READ FULL ARTICLE

3. The Fluoride Myth: “Fluoride Helps Prevent Tooth Decay” How many times have we gone to the dentist and been given fluoride and told it helps prevent tooth decay? What about being sold on the idea it needs to be in our toothpaste and even in our drinking water? If you knew what the fluoride used in these practices really was and how its produced, you would think twice about what you have learned. Fluoride used in these practices is more toxic than both arsenic and mercury and actually rots your teeth. READ FULL ARTICLE

4. The Currency Myth: “Money Makes the World Go Round” We assume money comes into our system as it’s printed and regulated by the government, but the truth is it doesn’t. Our money is loaned to governments by PRIVATE institutions with no affiliation to governments. This means that even as the governments get each dollar, debt is attached. That debt is then passed onto us, enslaving us all into constant perpetual debt. This one must be checked out. READ FULL ARTICLE

5. The Extra Terrestrial Myth: “We are the Only Intelligent Species That Exists” We have heard this for years from sources all over that we must be the only intelligent species that exists in our galaxy and possibly the entire universe. The chances any life exists on other planets seems to be impossible! Or is it? The truth is our governments work hand in hand with at least two ET species and we have been in contact with many more. Why is this all being covered up? READ FULL ARTICLE

6. The Sun & Cancer Myth: “The Sun Causes Skin Cancer” We hear all the time that we must lather our bodies up with sunscreen before we go out in the sun because the sun is something to fear. This beautiful ball of light is said to be a huge contributor to skin cancer. Did you know the sun has never been linked to causing skin cancer? Yet it is proven that sunscreens and a huge portion of daily skin products we use have KNOWN cancer causing agents. Sunscreen also blocks the intake of Vitamin D from the sun. READ FULL ARTICLE

7. The HIV Myth: “HIV Causes AIDS” Does HIV actually cause AIDS? What is HIV? What is AIDS? The truth is the scientific community is heavily split when it comes to both HIV and AIDS. In fact, there is absolutely no evidence HIV causes AIDS and even further, there is no evidence HIV even exists. What there is evidence of is poorly designed test, huge amounts of profit and “HIV” drugs that actually cause full blown AIDS within 3 months. This myth will shock the world. READ FULL ARTICLE

8. The Cancer Myth: “Conventional Treatments and What They Don’t Want You to Know” The Big C is one of the most feared diseases on this planet and has been supplied billions in an attempt to find a cure. The truth is Cancer is an extremely simple disease to cure and has been being cured for over 50 years. The simple cures can range from slightly more advanced practices to using simple household products. The fact is all methods do not involve the use of Chemo or Radiation which when you look at both it’s shockingly embarrassing that we are still using these treatments with all we know and understand about this disease. READ FULL ARTICLE PART 1 PART 2

9. The Global Warming Myth: “Humanity Causes Global Warming” This is a good one as people are really becoming afraid of the effects we are having on Global Warming. This is of course due to the fact that corporations and politicians are convincing us we are the cause and we need to be taxed for it. The truth is CO2 makes up a tiny tiny portion of greenhouse gases and of that tiny portion of 3% is created by humans. We are not the cause of global warming and it in fact is liked to the suns solar flares and a natural cycle. READ FULL ARTICLE

10. The Big Myth: “This is How is Has to be” Perhaps my favorite because of how powerful it is when you realize we do not have to be doing what we are doing today in terms of how we are experiencing life and all its facets on this planet. We are simply programmed and conditioned to think we are powerless in this world yet we have the ability to create something completely free and completely new. This is called the big myth because it ties each one together and gives us a look into how powerful we truly are by looking at some simple experiments. This is a must read. READ FULL ARTICLE


Fact or fiction

The dinosaurs probably looked very different

For many years, many artists and films have “recreated” dinosaurs based on their discovered skeletons.

Very little is known about dinosaurs. In particular, there is no practical information on what kind of skin they actually had, whether fully or partially covered with feathers, flakes or fur, what color they were.

In addition, based on fragmented skeletal bone findings, it is very difficult to understand how these animals actually moved and what was the percentage of their body fat.

Therefore, over the past decades, there have been cases where the tail parts are confused with the horns of the head. And a dinosaur, moving mainly on two hind legs, was described as walking on four limbs, etc.

The pictures below are examples of reconstructions of the appearance of the Megalosaurus, from an earlier to a later stage.

Because of all this, Turkish paleo-artist Cevdet Mehmet Kosemen decides to fantasize about “what will the look of modern animals look like if they are recreated mainly by their skeletons, as the dinosaur images are recreated“.

The drawings turn out to be quite daunting, and according to one commenter – “nightmarish“.

Pelican and stork

According to Kosemen, contemporary reconstructions of dinosaur appearance, especially in Hollywood films, are created by skeletons being simply “lined” with skin, without taking into account subcutaneous muscles, fat and other soft tissues.

For the first time, Kosemen’s idea of ​​doing something similar came to light when he saw an X-ray of a crocodile on which his skeleton was clearly visible. In fact, this crocodile was quite large, but if it had been designed exactly according to the skeleton, it would have been a completely different reptile.

Hippo Head
Rhino. The rhino has no horn, since such skeletons with horns and hooves are not preserved in the skeletons

Kosemen believes that bare teeth in the jaws of dinosaurs are the most common mistake of artists. In many predatory reptiles, the teeth are mostly covered and rarely seen.

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Fact or fiction

The Alien Monkey Case

Some cases illustrate how far a joke can go. If it was a joke, of course.

On the night of July 8, 1953, three American students, Edward Waters, Thomas Wilson, and Arnold Payne, were traveling by car on Highway 78 west of Atlanta. Suddenly, Waters saw someone on the road and was forced to stop abruptly.

The three boys had an incredible sight. Two short humanoid creatures stood in the way, and beside them lay a third being. At first glance, it was dead and wounded, as if hit by a car.

When the two living monkey-like humanoids saw the humans, they rushed to the red alien ship, which immediately flew out and disappeared into the night sky.

Shortly thereafter, the boys met Officer Sherley Brown. They told him what they saw, and when the officer went to the designated location, he found the dead body of a strange creature and a black burned circle of asphalt, apparently left behind by an alien ship.

This story immediately makes a lot of noise in the media and remains current for a few days. The three students were the center of attention of the journalists and gave many interviews.

The body of the strange little creature was transferred to a hospital. There, one of the doctors said that “it is definitely not from Earth“. Then the US Air Force became interested in the case.

Then, the body of the being was taken and given to Dr. Hermann Jones of Emory University and Professor Marion Hines. Soon, they announce the following:

“We cannot explain the lack of fur, but for all other reasons, we consider this creature to be a monkey and its characteristics are closest to that of rhesus monkeys.”

When these words appear in the media, the three students immediately acknowledge the fraud, and that this body is indeed a rhesus monkey.

It turns out that while playing cards, Waters bets $ 10 that he will make his photo appear in the newspapers in the coming days. Then he and two of his friends came up with a plan for how to do it.

They bought rhesus monkeys from a local pet store. To keep the seller silent, they paid him a generous amount. Then they killed the innocent animal, shaved his body with a razor, cut off his tail, and “artistically” laid him on the road to a certain place. Nearby, using a striking machine, they made the “alien ship trace”.

The monkey’s body is now in a museum

The court fines Waters $ 40, but then there are many calls from offended citizens who demand more, higher fines.

The reaction of the locals was so violent that Waters soon had to leave Atlanta and move to another city.

Many conspiracy theories have emerged for this story. In fact, in those days many people claimed to have seen strange lights and UFOs in the area. It was said that the three students were forced to “admit” that it was their “joke”.

Conspiracy theorists point to the rapid disappearance of the Waters, the main eyewitness. They think he may not have been hiding from angry citizens, but he was abducted by the FBI because he was a major eyewitness.


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Fact or fiction

Mysterious Ray of Light causes panic in Edmonton, Canada

On Wednesday evening 27 November 2019, the citizens of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) were amazed by the presence of a gigantic ray of light that seemed to be projected by a huge sphere of light that was located near the oil refinery.

This mysterious ray of light caused panic among the people to attack the switchboards of the fire brigade and the police. According to local media, the strange phenomenon was seen for the first time around 7:00 pm and remained visible for hours.

As often as it happens with such events, many people have published photos of the mysterious pillar of light on social networks and have speculated about its origin. And among the most popular theories was that the lightning was evidence of an alien invasion.

However, the most skeptical, expressed concern that the strange light came from a disaster of some kind and continued to report it to the fire department, which offered an alternative explanation via Twitter for what people saw in the sky.

According to the official version, the ray of light was neither of extraterrestrial nor demonic origin and had a much less sinister explanation. The fire brigade then wrote on Twitter that: “it was established that it could be a controlled fire at the Imperial Oil refinery in Strathcona, which will continue for the next 48 hours”.

According to CBC News, it would have been a type of incineration used to safely burn additional gases that cannot be used. Strathcona is an oil refinery located just outside Edmonton. The refinery fire was to last 48 hours in total and could be seen west of Parkland County. Although some citizens of Edmonton thought it was an extraterrestrial activity, others knew exactly what was happening when they saw bright light in the sky.

But this explanation did not prevent some conspiracy theorists from insuring that it had nothing to do with the Strathcona refinery, since as a general rule any unusual activity in its facilities was communicated in advance. For what they believe the Canadian authorities are trying to hide what has happened, that the light beam is of extraterrestrial origin, be it a sort of signal or the landing of an alien ship.

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