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10+ Philosophical Quotes Exploring The Esoteric Meaning Behind ‘Star Wars’

10+ Philosophical Quotes Exploring The Esoteric Meaning Behind ‘Star Wars’ 110

When I was younger, I thought Star Wars was just silly science fiction for people that wanted to live in the land of fantasy and pretend.

As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve come to realize that science fiction often times explores the question of reality with more of an open mind, and genuine curiosity, than any conventional authority would probably ever dare try.

The Star Wars filmography is one such series. It uses clever philosophy, thought provoking allegories, and entertaining special effects to open the minds of their viewers to profound lessons about this mysterious experience we call life.

In this blog, I decided to share 10+ philosophical quotes from the movie, with my own personal interpretation of what they mean…


10+ Philosophical Quotes Exploring The Esoteric Meaning Behind ‘Star Wars’ 111

We are born with powerful creative, and wild imaginations, as well as the desire to question everything, which are the two key ingredients for creating a better world — Question and locate the problems, and then use creativity to solve them. But as we get older, this all begins to change, particularly when we enter the school system.

Here we are taught to blindly obey authority, seek their approval, and conform to the system rather than intelligently question it. Those who struggle to fit in and obey the dictates of the established authorities, either receive bad grades, some other form of disciplinary action, or get placed on pharmaceutical drug medications. Those who do well, “learn” how to get a “good job” serving the empire, rather than challenging its corrupt power.

Of course, there are other forces at play too, like organized religion, dogmatic cultures, television, social media, celebrity worship, and the usual suspects associated with indoctrination. But ultimately it results in the same thing — a brainwashed mind, that was once limitless in its potential.

To state this case in scientific terms, there was a NASA study conducted on a group of 1,600 children over the course of 15 years. What the researchers found was that prior to entering the school system, 98% of these kids scored in the top tier which is considered genius level. 5 years later they tested the same group of kids again, by now they had started school, and there was a massive drop to just 30%. And then they tested them again in 5 years, the kids by now in high school, and that number dropped all the way to just 12%. Since that time, these studies have been given to more than a million adults and less than 2% scored at genius level.

In an unrelated study, but with equally shocking results, professor Paul Bloom of Yale University decided to conduct a series of experiments to discover whether children have an inborn moral compass, or if it’s learned from society. What he found was we naturally have a sense of morality, integrity, compassion, empathy, kindness, and a sense of justice — things that seem to degrade as we grow up in this backwards, selfish, and often times cruel society that we live in.

Thus wise Yoda was indeed correct, you must unlearn what you have learned.


10+ Philosophical Quotes Exploring The Esoteric Meaning Behind ‘Star Wars’ 112

It has already been well established, and even acknowledged by the United Nations, that there is more than enough food to feed the entire world, and it has also been proven that there is more than enough water. In addition to all this, award winning statistician Professor Hans Rosling, has proven the world is not overpopulated.

In other words, we have everything we already need on this planet to survive and thrive, and it has been provided to us all for free. So life itself is not actually unfair my friends. Life has given us abundance and freedom.

What is unfair, is this inhumane system of exploitation, and how cruel we can choose to be to each other at times. But through the power of choice, we can also change these things.

We can choose to treat one another with more kindness and respect. We can choose to spread laughter and happiness. We can choose to challenge this system and stand up for justice. We can choose to stop listening to music made by people who deserve to be ignored.

We can choose to buy from ethical corporations, instead of corrupt ones. We can choose to stop looking for a corrupt leader to save us, and teach ourselves how to work together and become our own leaders. In short, we can choose what type of world we want to live in, because everything we need has already been given to us for free. It is simply up to us now, to make better choices.

So before we look to the sky asking why, we need to look in the mirror. No one can do everything but everyone can do something.


10+ Philosophical Quotes Exploring The Esoteric Meaning Behind ‘Star Wars’ 113

When we make a decision to do something, we need to be serious about it. The only person that can actually compromise with us on our chosen pursuit, is ourselves.

As the saying goes, if you really want to do something, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse. And in the age of information, we can always research and discover how to take that next step.

Do or do not, there is no try my friends.


10+ Philosophical Quotes Exploring The Esoteric Meaning Behind ‘Star Wars’ 114

It might sound a bit new agey, but because it is the mind that actually interprets reality, and not the eyes, of course what we focus on will eventually come to dominate our lives.

To put this into more scientific terms, all of us have something called the Reticular Activating System (RAS), which is a part of our brain that focuses on what is important to us, while blocking or degrading that which is not.

A perfect example of this, is how certain people care more about certain social issues than others. If you are focused on animals rights, for example, this will come to dominate your reality. You will see strays whenever you drive your car, you will see animal abuse, and animal rescue stories in your news feed online. You will probably have pets, or even volunteer to help them. You will probably have dreams about them, and you will probably research how to take positive action to help them, and it will become your reality because it has become your focus.

This rule applies to everyone; What we focus on, will come to dominate our reality. So don’t get swept up into external propaganda, or manipulative marketing techniques that plan on using you like a fool. Rather ask yourself what type of a life you would like to lead, what type of reality you would like to pursue, and then come up with a plan on how you can focus on a path that will lead you there.


10+ Philosophical Quotes Exploring The Esoteric Meaning Behind ‘Star Wars’ 115

One of the most misunderstood words in the human language, is failure.

When we hear it, we think of being a loser, being made fun of, and having to hang our heads in shame because we weren’t good enough to achieve a certain goal. But this is nonsense, failure is only failure if we choose to give up. Otherwise, it is literally the road we must all walk if we want to reach success, because each time we “fail,” what we actually do is we learn.

This is a common theme shared by every single successful person I have ever researched (and I have researched more than I can count); they are not scared of failure, because they realize it’s just another word for learning.

So don’t be afraid to fail my friends, be excited to learn, because they are literally one and the same thing. Next time you hear failure, simply think of the word learning.

As the expression goes, the difference between the master and the student, is the master has failed more times than the student has even tried.


10+ Philosophical Quotes Exploring The Esoteric Meaning Behind ‘Star Wars’ 116

It’s been said that man’s great sickness is that he alone believes that he possesses the Truth. And almost all of us are guilty of this, where we delude ourselves into thinking we know everything there is to know, and everyone else is just a fool.

We see this in various forms of religion, atheism, philosophy, and the overwhelming majority of mankind. But how many of us have studied every belief system under the sun? How many of us have been to every planet in the milky way? How many of us have been to the 2 trillion different galaxies in the known Universe? How many of us have even been to every country in our world, or experienced every culture, and every free thinker beyond that culture? How many of us have read the ancient histories of all of these different people? How many of us have researched all that there is to know?

Always keep an open mind my friends, although there are certain immutable Truths that do indeed exist, most of our beliefs are rooted in subjective prejudice and bias.


10+ Philosophical Quotes Exploring The Esoteric Meaning Behind ‘Star Wars’ 117

The only constant in life is change my friends. It cannot be prevented, it can only be accepted.

This may not be what we want to hear, but it is what it is. Life is unpredictable at times, it’s normal, so we can either try to resist it — which will exhaust us and stress us out — or we can make peace with it, accept it, and then find a way to adapt intelligently and move forward.

In the beginning it is difficult, but the more you do it, the easier it will become. The key is to realize that change is inevitable, and then focus your precious energy on adapting as quickly as possible. Those who do this in life will thrive, those who resist, will not. Very simple.

You can also train yourself to learn how to adapt in advance, by forcing yourself into demanding situations or tackling your personal fears.  For example, I knew that my path would eventually require me to become a better public speaker, so I joined a public speaking group about a year ago to help me overcome my anxiety of standing in front of a crowd.

Until we learn to not fear change, we will never be free. So stop resisting, and instead dedicate your precious energy to adapting to the changing of the times.


10+ Philosophical Quotes Exploring The Esoteric Meaning Behind ‘Star Wars’ 118

Training yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose, does not mean you turn cold, indifferent and apathetic towards the world around you my friends. It doesn’t mean you block out family or friends, or refuse to ever get close to someone or something, ever again. Doing this only imprisons us to fear, and robs us of what it means to be human, and is therefore not the solution.

To let go of everything we fear to lose, is to simply make peace with the uncertainty of life. As the saying goes, If you have fear of some pain or suffering, you should examine whether there is anything you can do about it. If you can, there is no need to worry about it, and if you cannot do anything, then there is also no need to worry about it.

It is an absolute certainty that our loved one’s material bodies will pass away, we will know pain, we will feel loss, and we will encounter heart break, and what undoubtedly makes life feel unfair. It is a part of our journey my friends, and it cannot be avoided indefinitely. But when we fear loss, or resist the uncompromising changes and different seasons of life — and obsess over their inevitable encroachment — we lose more than we should, because we allow fear to steal the beauty of this timeless moment from us, which would otherwise be full of gratitude, freedom, and peace.

So we must do our best to not obsess over losing our loved ones, our jobs, homes, cars, etc. What will be, will be. Because if we do worry ourselves, we have already lost them my friends. You see, we value our loved ones and material possessions based on the level of peace, freedom, love, and happiness that they represent in our lives. But the moment fear begins to infiltrate our precious minds, it begins to steal that happiness, freedom, love and peace from us. And without these things nothing else actually matters; No relationship, no job, no car — nothing — because we are living in a state of fear, distress, and suffering.

So long as there is fear, the mind is imprisoned, and because the only thing that can actually give us the feeling of peace, or madness; fear or freedom, happiness or sadness, is our own minds — and not something outside of it — we need to focus on strengthening this battleground. Only then will be free from the fear of loss.


10+ Philosophical Quotes Exploring The Esoteric Meaning Behind ‘Star Wars’ 119

Have you ever walked into a room and felt bad vibes? Have you ever been around someone with good energy? Perhaps you’ve had the feeling that everything was going your way? Or, conversely, everything was going wrong?

Maybe you’ve felt someone staring at you, or you’ve experienced a gut feeling that proved to be true? Perhaps you’ve experienced highly improbable events of synchronicity and strange coincidence? Has it ever felt like you were completely in tune with the thoughts of someone else?

In Star Wars, this great inexplicable power and energy, is simply known as The Force. It is a strange power far greater than any other in the known Universe, but it remains intangible and mysterious — and thus difficult for people to apprehend — or even vaguely explain.

Naturally, most do not believe in its existence because it extends beyond the comprehension of the 5 conventional senses; much like skeptics today that call anything which cannot be measured by our 5 senses pseudoscience.

10+ Philosophical Quotes Exploring The Esoteric Meaning Behind ‘Star Wars’ 120

But the Truth is, our understanding of reality, as a species, is still very much in its infancy. According to NASA’s own websiteeverything on Earth, everything ever observed with all of our instruments, all normal matter – adds up to less than 5% of the Universe, which means we can only perceive a tiny fraction of known reality. Bear in mind that the “5%” mentioned here, has also only been vaguely observed, much like a 2 year old can only vaguely observe Mickey Mouse on a TV screen.

My point here is we need to keep an open mind. We need to remind ourselves that life is still very much a mystery, and amazing things do happen but most of us tend to sweep these events under the rug due to our programmed normalcy bias, and fear that our opinion won’t be accepted as plausible by our overly critical, and narrow minded society.

For myself personally, I have experienced numerous instances throughout my life, of what appears to be an intangible force that works in mysteriously beneficial ways, provided I am aligned with higher principles, and not distracted by the trivialities of society and all the madness that is in it.

Some would probably call this the law of attraction, but I believe that to be a distorted oversimplification that degrades something unprecedented and incomprehensible. It is much greater than that, and I believe it to be the Force of Life, Integrity, Truth, Knowledge, Justice, Compassion, Peace, Goodness, and so much more.

As Bruce Lee once said, “I feel I have this great creative and spiritual force within me that is greater than faith, greater than ambition, greater than confidence, greater than determination, greater than vision. It is all these combined. My brain becomes magnetized with this dominant force which I hold in my hand.”


10+ Philosophical Quotes Exploring The Esoteric Meaning Behind ‘Star Wars’ 121

Throughout history there have been people that I would consider to be the Jedi of our planet; those who have dedicated their lives to fighting for goodness.

These Jedi embody Justice, Compassion, Integrity, Humanity, Peace, Knowledge, Goodness, and Truth. And so long as this collective Force remains alive, there will always be hope and powerful opposition for the darkness to contend with.

In extreme cases, these Jedi have been crucified, assassinated, imprisoned, and worse by the proverbial dark empire. But their teachings — their seed — will forever remain, because you cannot kill the Force of Truth, or Justice, or Integrity, or Peace, or Goodness. It is an immortal Force that will always be with us.

10+ Philosophical Quotes Exploring The Esoteric Meaning Behind ‘Star Wars’ 122


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Why does Satan’s name mean “light-bearer”?

Why does Satan's name mean "light-bearer"? 135

In modern languages, Lucifer is one of the names of Satan. However, from Latin the word lucifer literally translates as “luminiferous” and comes from the words lux (“light”) and phero (“carry”). What kind of light is this that the infernal ruler carries?

Franz von Stuck.  Lucifer
Franz von Stuck. Lucifer

The ancient Romans called the planet Venus by the word Lucifer, that is, the “morning star”, which is better than all other celestial bodies visible in the morning (as well as evening) firmament. By the way, this name is “tracing paper” from ancient Greek: the ancient Greeks called this celestial entity Phosphorus (from Φωσφόρος – “carrying light”).

Lucifer means ‘that which brings light’. From φῶς (phôs, “light”) +‎ -φόρος (-phóros, “bearing”), from φέρω (phérō, “I carry”).

Venus in the morning sky in January
Venus in the morning sky in January

Why did the name of the star become the name of Satan? This happened as a result of “translation difficulties”. The Bible, in the Book of Isaiah, contains a prophecy about the death of the Babylonian king – a terrible enemy of the ancient Jews. It looks like this:

“… You fell from the sky, morning star, son of the dawn! He crashed to the ground, trampling on the peoples. “

“Morning star” and “son of the dawn” here are nothing more than magnificent oriental titles of the ruler. When Jerome of Stridonsky, the first translator of the Bible into Latin, translated this passage, he translated the Hebrew word הֵילֵל (“heylel”, “morning star”) as lucifer, because that is how the morning star was called in Latin.

Caravaggio.  Saint Jerome
Caravaggio. Saint Jerome

However, Christians, contemporaries of Jerome, associated this passage not with the king of Babylon – the embodiment of evil for the ancient Israelites, but with their enemy – Satan. And the word “lucifer”, which was just the title of the Babylonian king, began to write with a capital letter. So the innocuous name of the star became a terrible hellish name.

Jerome’s other translation error led to an amusing misunderstanding. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, European artists and sculptors depicted Moses – the main biblical prophet … with horns on his head! Why?

Why does Satan's name mean "light-bearer"? 136
Why does Satan's name mean "light-bearer"? 137
Why does Satan's name mean "light-bearer"? 138

The Bible says that when Moses came down from Mount Sinai, his face was radiant. In Hebrew, the words “ray” and “horn” are similar. So Jerome got it: “His face became horny because God spoke to him.”

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There is a man on Earth who makes caves: you will be amazed when you see what has done alone after 25 years

There is a man on Earth who makes caves: you will be amazed when you see what has done alone after 25 years 139

Everyone has their own hobbies. Some are passionate about collecting, others are gardening, and still others are passionate about sports. But the hero of this article has a special passion. Ra Paulette is an American sculptor from New Mexico who burrows into hillsides and caves to create intricate artistic spaces within mountains. Maybe he is now the only one in the world.

You might think that he is a professional architect or sculptor, but no, it’s just that this person has a hobby. Although talent is undoubtedly present, he creates real works of art, sculpts caves like shrines, like sacred places.

He describes his places of work as “a sanctuary for prayer and meditation,” while others describe his caves as works of art. The caves are decorated with “scallops, patterns, smooth curved lines, smooth cornices, crisp ledges and inlaid with stones”. Its caves attract tourists from all over the world.

He has been hiding in a cave in New Mexico, USA for 25 years and has now decided to showcase the interior of his home.

There is a man on Earth who makes caves: you will be amazed when you see what has done alone after 25 years 140

What he did to the inside of the cave is almost impossible to describe in words, as if we are entering the world of fairy tales.

In ancient times, people made dwellings in caves or dug new rooms in the sandstone, but only for the purpose of living. The works of this artist are more for soul resting.

All this beauty is made in white sandstone cliffs just an hour from Santa Fe. Has anyone from you seen this beauty in real?

Tired of the whims of his bosses and customers, the artist, who was bored with art, began his personal and independent project.

There is a man on Earth who makes caves: you will be amazed when you see what has done alone after 25 years 141

The results of the project, as well as the process itself, are very impressive. Ra Paulette, who spent the last 25 years in the cave, completely alone, apart from his dog, away from society, spent time carving out walls.

He spent his time carving the sandstone cave he found, transforming it into a wonderful underground space full of light.

There is a man on Earth who makes caves: you will be amazed when you see what has done alone after 25 years 142

Paulette created different designs and styles for each cave, giving each one a distinct quality and texture.

There is a man on Earth who makes caves: you will be amazed when you see what has done alone after 25 years 143

The goal of this gigantic piece of art is to create an environment that inspires “spiritual renewal and personal well-being.” It will also serve as a venue for artistic events when its project is completed.
Ra Paulette works exclusively with hand tools, a pick and a shovel. First, he digs in various halls and vaults in any form, not forgetting about ventilation. The artist himself called his style – “dances of the digger” . When he likes what he gets, then he proceeds directly to creativity: decorates the halls and vaults with mysterious carvings and patterns.

In some places, his works look like real natural caves, and in other – like a completely civilized housing

Ra Paulette Cave
That is, you can wander and relax there.

There is a man on Earth who makes caves: you will be amazed when you see what has done alone after 25 years 144
When Ra Paulette made his first cave, it attracted connoisseurs of beauty and tourists. But it was made on state land and, in addition, he could not guarantee the safety of visitors. The cave had to be filled up.

Only later, when he began to make safe projects and all legal issues were met, it was possible to create endlessly. At the moment, 15 underground palaces exist for sure.

A documentary film “Cave digger” was even made about him and this man became even more famous.

In the video below, you can virtually take a trip through one of the caves decorated by the artist.

We can only be surprised by such people who just alone create beauty with which, we become kinder and better beings.

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Sacred Mount Meru: home of the gods and center of the universe

Sacred Mount Meru: home of the gods and center of the universe 145

According to Hindu records, Christians believe that the earth is the center of the universe. In contrast to this belief, the Hindus consider Mount Meru as the universal center and home of their gods.

In the eyes of the Hindus, Mount Meru is quite large, its height is about 84,000 yojanas (about 1,082,000 km). Since Hindu and other Eastern religions idolize Meru, it seems to them that the sun and all the planets of the solar system revolve around it.

According to Jain mythology, Meru is surrounded by two suns, two moons and two “sets” of stars. When some of them are in sight, others hide in the shadow of a mountain, which they believe is about 100,000 yojanas wide.

For the Hindus, Meru is the axis of the earth. Without it, the planet will not be able to rotate. In addition, they see the mountain as the home of the gods, with their kingdoms spread across all of its inconceivable height.

Followers of each of these important gods travel to these heavenly realms to rest and await their next reincarnation.

Sacred Mount Meru: home of the gods and center of the universe
A fresco depicting Mount Meru (left) and a painting (right) from Jain cosmology

For the Javanese, Mount Meru contributed to the origin of the island of Java. According to their legends, Batara’s guru ordered Brahma and Vishnu to fill the island with people. At that time the island of Java roamed and was not tied to any solid land. To stop the movement, the gods moved a part of the sacred mountain from India and attached it to Java. This new anchor was Mount Semeru, now the highest volcano in Java.

For Buddhists, the importance of Mount Meru also lies in their belief that it is the center of the universe. Unlike the Hindu version, Buddhists believe that the mountain was surrounded by a body of water and believe in 31 levels of life on Meru.

Since Mount Meru is the ecumenical center and sacred site, many mythological characteristics are attributed to it. First, it is so high that the mountain touches the sky, and the pole star shines directly above the mountain, giving it a sacred appearance. Secondly, it is said that the Ganges comes to the mountain as one river, and, having reached Meru, is divided into 4 separate rivers.

Third, there are 4 cities filled with residents, one on each side of the mountain. Ancient myths say that these inhabitants constantly see the sun at its zenith, and they always work. The sun rises and sets only for those who do not live on the mountain.

In addition, there is one lord of the heavens, God Indra, and he lives at the top. There are also four heavenly kings on Mount Meru, one on each side. The mountain extends to Jambudwip, which itself is divided into 4 continents. The southern continent is where Buddha was born and his teachings are followed here.

Many famous Hindu, Jain and Buddhist temples were built as symbolic images of this mountain. The basis of the style is a characteristic feature of Chinese pagodas.

Although ancient Buddhists believed that the mountain was real, European visitors began to express other thoughts about the earth, which contradicted the Buddha’s teachings about Meru. Modern Buddhist scholars have decided that this is an allegorical story, and not a description of a real mountain.

However, many Buddhists still refuse to change their beliefs about the sacred mountain. For them, belief in the existence of Meru is the same as belief in Buddha.

Sacred Mount Meru: home of the gods and center of the universe

If you plunge into reality, Mount Meru is a volcano located 70 kilometers west of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, 4562.13 meters high.

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