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10 Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Prove The Illuminati Are Real

10 Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Prove The Illuminati Are Real 86

We wouldn’t normally advise you to go anywhere near a YouTube video’s comment section, but humour us for a moment. Head over there and look up literally any pop video from the last five years. Bonus points if you go for something involving Rihanna or Beyonce. Amongst all the people exclaiming their undying love for the singers in question – or else the hipper-than-thou types exclaiming their undying distaste for this “manufactured” trash, you sheeple – you’ll find something much, much stranger. Rants that go on for thousands of words, talking about the anti-Christ, the new world order, and a lot of stuff about pyramids. Wait, was has this got to do with that one Jay-Z and Kanye song about Paris?

That, friends, is the work of the Illuminati. Or, rather, it’s people pointing out the work of the Illuminati. A shadowy group of powerful world leaders, businessmen and celebrities, this cabal are apparently the ones who control everything that happens in modern society. Sure, everything seems to happen organically (people being elected, natural disasters, the recession), but in fact ever major event that’s occurred in the world since the modern age has been down to these lot pulling the strings. At least, that’s what the conspiracy theorists tell us. And since when have they ever been wrong, eh? Except, well, all the times they have been.

Careful, though, because you dismiss claims of the Illuminati at your peril. Unlike some of the other more bonkers conspiracy theories we’ve heard in our time, there’s actually a fair amount of proof that this New World Order (or at least something like it) really does exist. And it’s not necessarily as anti-Semitic as some of these nutballs claim. Historical precedents, reliable witnesses, the existence of extraterrestrials…all of these play into our ten most compelling pieces of evidence that prove the Illuminati are real.

10. There Was A Proven Illuminati (Ages Ago)


The idea of a group bringing forth the New World Order in secret isn’t totally the invention of the tin foil hat, Coast To Coast AM brigade. Well, it’s partially that, but they didn’t just make it up out of full cloth – May 1, 1776 saw the first meeting of the for real Order Of The Illuminati. It wasn’t the wide-reaching global conspiracy we think of nowadays (since it only consisted of five people), but it was just as secretive as the group that may or may not exist today; modelling themselves on secret societies like the Freemasons, this original bunch of radical freethinkers took a vow of secrecy, pledged obedience to their superiors – the group did get a little bigger, over time – and were divided into three main classes.

Ironically enough, the Bavarian Illuminati’s goals were pretty much the opposite of what the perceived plans of the current New World Order are said to be. Founder (and Jesuit-taught) Adam Weishaupt originally wanted to call the Order the “Perfectibilists”, owing to their radical plans to remove the Roman Catholic Church’s power and influence over government, philosophy and science, to crack down on state abuses of power, and to convince society to treat women as equals by pushing for them to get the same educational opportunities as men. Which of course couldn’t last, at least in 1700s Bavaria, and when a new ruler was elected he outlawed all such secret societies. That said, many of the original Order Of The Illuminati’s plans eventually came to pass, so maybe they didn’t disband as quickly as they claimed…

9. And Descendants Still Exist


The Bavarian Illuminati may have ceased to be as soon as Karl Theodor passed that royal decree in 1777, with many of the original members fleeing the country or else being exposed by the new laws, but that didn’t mean that confirmed secret societies of a similar nature stopped existing. Far from it, in fact. It’s just that some of their priorities got lost amongst people wishing to copy the clandestine movements of the original Illuminati, rather than upholding any of their goals. Between 1797 and 1798, Augustin Barruel’s Memoirs Illustrating The History Of Jacobinism and John Robison’s Proofs Of A Conspiracy tried to make out that the Bavarians still controlled things, being behind (amongst other things) the French Revolution. People got all excited and paranoid for a little while after, but soon calmed down when it turned out to be hogwash.

Several recent and present-day fraternal organisations claim to be descended from the original Bavarian Illuminati, however, and continue to operate to this day. One group which kept the Illuminati Order title was nothing more than a chance for secretive rich people to hang out and get drunk, and they retired the name after (apparently) 250 years thanks to negative associations with conspiracy theories and the like. Another group, that is actually in existence, falls more in line with the modern Illuminati we’ve all come to know and fear: they want to control the world, have us all share a common language and currency, control the population through mandatory birth control, and end taxes. Sounds like they’re worse than the bloomin’ EU, eh, eh.

8. People Have Been Talking About Them For Centuries


We doubt that the latter Order Of The Illuminati actually have all that much pull in modern society – if they did, you’d think they could afford a better web designer – but the fact that they’ve managed to survive so long is a testament to…well, something. As is the fact that the original Illuminati supposedly stopped existing sometime towards the end of the 18th century, and yet we’re still talking about them. In fact we’ve never really stopped talking about them, ever since the first group were exposed and everyone learned that conspiracy theories were sometimes actually true. Not only were the Bavarians blamed for the French Revolution but, throughout the centuries, a whole bunch of political changes, revolutions, scandals, and world events have been attributed to the Illuminati.

The Satanic sexual abuse panic of the seventies and eighties, the Battle Of Waterloo, the JFK assassination, the Red Scare in America (and specifically Hollywood) are all things that have been said to be the creation of the Illuminati, both from people looking back and particularly sharp individuals at the time. We get that there’s a lot of evidence that they don’t exist – and, really, they wouldn’t be much of a secret society if we’re talking about them this much – but the fact that the theories persisted for over three centuries at this point perhaps suggests that there’s something to this whole “New World Order” thing besides a bunch of lunatics writing stuff on YouTube videos. Why would we spend so long on something that isn’t real? Putting aside the Star Trek Wikipedia articles, anyway…

7. They’re All Over Pop Culture


Here’s another thing: we’ve been talking about the Illuminati for centuries, but we’ve spent even more time inserting them into our popular culture. The idea of the New World Order has provided plenty of fodder for books, films, TV shows and games over the years, from those Barruel and Robison tracts to the plot of Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons to a recurring characters in the Deus Ex titles. Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson even wrote a trilogy of novels called The Illuminatus! Trilogy in the late seventies, a cult classic (especially amongst hacker culture of the period) which weaved together a dense set of conspiracies and spiritual mumbo jumbo which, whilst mostly intended as satire, inspired a whole new generation of believers looking for clues of the Illuminati everywhere they went.

And it’s not like they have to look hard, since they really are everywhere. Besides the obvious references – the group themselves have shown up in the first Tomb Raider film, an episode of Gargoyles, Grand Theft Auto V, and the lyrics of an Immortal Technique song – little nods to the group’s iconography (such as the floating eye in the triangle above a pyramid) have appeared in Disney films, the kid’s TV show Gravity Falls, and are allegedly what Jay-Z’s trademark “diamond” hand gesture is supposed to symbolise. Something which has been imitated by wife Beyonce and proteges Kanye West and Rihanna. The latter of which is probably a load of bullhockey, but the aforementioned appearances of old triangle eye? Absolutely deliberate, and once you see them in one place, you start to see them in every single place you look. See? That’s the Illuminati controlling your thoughts! Sort of!

6. HG Wells Says So


HG Wells was a smart man. A science fiction author writing all the way back in Victorian times, he nonetheless managed to accurately predict the invention of nuclear weapons, the Moon landing, genetic engineering, and lasers. Then again he also thought we’d have had time travel capabilities and been invaded by Martians with a lethal aversion to the common cold by now, too, so we guess he wasn’t perfect. He managed to be on the money more often than Nostradamus, so we’re willing to give old Wellsy the benefit of the doubt. Which is also why we tend to give more credibility to his claims that there’s a secret society controlling all of existence from behind the scenes than, say, a fifteen year old writing illegibly about the brainwashing powers of the Big Bang Theory on his Tumblr.

Back in the day, the New World Order was a nice, fun term for a return to a balanced power and new ways of political thinking after the two world wars. Wells decided to re-appropriate the phrase and used it to describe the establishment of a technocratic world state and planned economy in his homonymous book which he hoped would bring about such a revolution of the state of the globe, with his plans catching on in some Socialist circles. Unfortunately Wells didn’t have the proper time to commit to his plan of radically changing the world by starting up a shadowy behind-the-scenes cabal with a bunch of his influential mates, but it’s further proof that people have taken the idea seriously in the past. And since Wells prefigured so many future developments by a good few decades, wouldn’t now be right around the time that actual New World Order should be taking place…?

5. Pyramids Are Everywhere


Not only do symbols of the Illuminati permeate through into our pop culture, but they’re all around is on our everyday lives, too. That all-seeing eye we keep mentioning, the one that likes floating above pyramids and looking menacing? That thing appears in sculptures, frescos and furnishings across the globe (especially in churches and cathedrals), and even appears in a bass relief on the front of the Philadelphia mint. The all-seeing eye definitely lives up to its name. And that’s before you start looking deeper into the alleged “mythology” of the Illuminati and become familiar with all the other symbols and iconography that have become synonymous with the New World Order, depending on whether or not you believe they may also be paving the way for the coming of the anti-Christ.

If you do, then you’re in luck! Or, well, you’re not, because that just provides even more proof that the Illuminati are all around us, controlling everything. How about that classically Satanic symbol of the pentagram? Again, it appears in lots of buildings across the world (a lot of churches also, surprisingly), the US Army Congressional Medal Of Honour, various other foreign medals and coats of arms, and oh yeah – the Pentagon. It’s a pentagram! Washington’s particularly susceptible to Illuminati influence and so, apparently, is its environs. We’re not sure why the New World Order would place clues as to their existence and whereabouts, but never mind that: the Washington monument is clearly an example of the obelisks the group use to mark their territory in places of power, since they also appear in London, Rome, Helsinki and, erm, Minsk. So that’s not just a place in Friends, huh?

4. Cash Rules Everything Around Us


Things started getting a little wacky and open to interpretation there but, we assure you, this is a piece of evidence that you can’t possibly deny. Because, if you’re reading this in America, there’s a good chance you’re carrying it about with you in your pocket at this very moment! The standard US dollar bill includes, amongst other things, an illustration of that most pervasive and insidious of Illuminati symbols: the all-seeing eye and the pyramid. It’s right there, hidden in plain sight! Honestly, it’s like they’re not even trying to be a secret society. Of course the pyramid could just be hearkening to another great human achievement and the eye might just be the eye of god, but hush, we’re in too deep to turn back now.

So what does it all mean? Well, that the Freemasons were involved in the creation of modern America (which is actually true) and that they decided to place a little shout-out to themselves on their currency. Which is fair enough. We like little in-jokes like that. But then you consider the theory that the Freemasons are actually a front for a much more secretive and controlling group like the Illuminati, and it all becomes a little less fun. If you give it a try, you can find even more evidence of the New World Order’s control over the federal reserve on the dollar bill: there’s a hidden pentagram amongst the pyramid/eye thing, which takes in the text surrounding it and spells out A S M O N clockwise. An anagram of mason, see? Wait, where are you going? Okay, let’s quit messing around and get down to brass tacks.

3. The Round Table


So, the Bavarian Illuminati that started this whole sorry mess were definitely a real, confirmed historical truth. As was HG Well’s half-hearted attempted to get a similar attempt at a New World Order off the ground not long after the Second World War. Between those two and now, however, we haven’t got much concrete evidence that a secret society that was influencing world events from behind the scenes actually existed, or that any group with the Illuminati name and any real intentions besides making bad websites and getting smashed was operating, either. Well, hold onto your butts, because we totally do have proof that that thing existed! The ones controlling stuff from behind the scenes, we mean. We guess they could’ve been getting drunk as well, from time to time. Gotta unwind somehow after a long day of influencing governments.

They probably didn’t have a website, mind, since they got started at the turn of the 20th century. South African diamond baron Cecil Rhodes expressed an interest in setting up a secret society that would bring the United States back under British rule, reforming itself into an “Imperial Federation” to bring about a hyperpower and lasting world peace. This so-called Society Of The Elect is said to have existed behind a documented group called the Round Table movement, an association of organisations promoting closer union between Britain and its self-governing colonies lead by professor Lionel Curtis. Which obviously never happened but, look: here’s an actual, provable example of a bunch of rich dudes looking to bring together a one-world government in order to change global politics, which happened in secret. Sort of. That’s an Illuminati if we’ve ever seen one.

2. Aliens


And if that doesn’t convince you, we’re just gonna go all in with the aliens theory. We’ve already provided you with some pretty compelling evidence that not only do extraterrestrials exist, but they’ve almost certainly visited Earth before, and now we’re going to explain exactly why they dropped by in the first place. And we’re going to try and do it without sounding too much like David Icke, former sports presenter-turned-Second Messiah-turned-conspiracy theorist who claims all politicians and monarchies are actually seven-foot tall, shape shifting space lizards who feed on the blood of humans and are probably also paedophiles, because apparently being a seven-foot tall, shape shifting, bloodthirsty space lizard isn’t enough to mark you as a monster in the eyes of David Icke.

Slightly more convincing is the dovetailing of the New World Order conspiracy theories with existing ones to do with UFOs. You know the sort, Area 51 and Men In Black and government cover-ups. Why should the government be so interested in hiding their dealings with close encounters? It’s something that you can’t really answer, unless you maybe believe that aliens are in control of the world (or are else in cahoots with the ruling elite) and are slowly building to a full-scale invasion of Earth from the inside, taking control of all the major powers and then using this control to exert their will over humanity! To, er, work in acid mines or be eaten by them or just be evicted from our planet because they like the look of it, we suppose. Don’t blame us, we voted for Kodos. Look, it’s still better than reading the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion and believing that the Illuminati is a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world.

1. Celebrities Do Kinda Rule The World


Okay, so we’re going to get a little more real with you now. More real than seven-foot tall, shape shifting space lizards who feed on the blood of humans and are probably also paedophiles? Yes, we’ll manage it somehow. Over the years the Illuminati have stood in for any number of cultural bogeymen from (sigh, yes) Jewish people to expanding government powers to the free market economy to aliens. Whilst there’s been a kernel of truth to at least some theories about a New World Order – and some confirmed examples of them existing in various forms, too – the most compelling piece of evidence may be happening right now.

Because right now, the most common targets for accusations of being members of the Illuminati and spreading their message are celebrities. There’s all the pop and rap stars we’ve already been through, but plenty of other big name public figures have been said to be part of the shadowy group that’s controlling the world, the puppet masters to our poor, naïve marionettes: TV presenters, Hollywood actors, celebrity chefs. You name them, there’s probably a place for them in the vast networked conspiracy of those that control our every move and affect the chance they want to see in the world.

And you know what? That’s something you can’t actually deny. TV stars frequently use their celebrity to campaign for presidential candidates, and spread their political views to a prime time audience. Hollywood actors become part of NATO peace envoys and visit over countries, hoping to change things. Celebrity endorsements will try and convince you into everything from who you vote for to what shampoo you use. Whether or not they’re part of a secret society like the Illuminati, there’s no denying that famous people do sort of have control of our minds. Which is terrifying even without the pyramids and stuff.


Conspiracy Theories

What The Economist predicted for 2021 and for what purpose

What The Economist predicted for 2021 and for what purpose 99

In mid-November 2020, The Economist magazine gave the world’s conspiracy theorists a new bone in the form of another forecast cover for 2021 or more. Everything, as the conspiracy theorists believe, is within the framework of the old and ancient rule of the owners of this world: they must inform the flock of their plans for the future, which, according to universal principles, removes responsibility for their actions from great leaders.

Great bosses, at least for some reason, think so.

This is what the owners of The Economist wanted to tell us. 

In the past, the people discussed each new cover of The Economist with terrible force, trying to guess the dates of the coming star, however, now there is no particular excitement. This is partly due to the fact that with the arrival of the coronavirus, the star has almost arrived, and the only thing that is still unclear is how and when its final stage will be.

We need  to note of course that all the decryptions of the past covers did not come true – although there were several very significant hits.

What The Economist predicted for 2021 and for what purpose 100

Nevertheless, the picture is still discussed, since closer to the final everything is almost in plain text: a one-armed bandit with four drums, one of which stopped on the face of Mr. Biden or a person similar to him. On this basis, everyone in unison interpreted the stopped drum as a toughly resolved issue, the alternative to which was either a split in the United States or an atomic war. However, in fact, everything is there for a reason.

You don’t need to look too closely at the cover to notice

The drawing divides a diagonal shadow, which practically none of their symbols on the drum captures – it shares only a symbol with Biden, something like this: Why such a direct allusion to some kind of rebirth and who is hiding behind the mask / back of Mr. Biden is unclear.

Although, judging by the position of the drum, in any case, whoever was hiding there won. The second point, which was not noticed by any of the YouTube “deciphers of the Illuminati messages” is the rising of some luminary at the base of the machine.

What The Economist predicted for 2021 and for what purpose 101

The luminary did not get into the frame, only its rays are visible, but these rays are suspiciously red. Moreover, they are red against a reddish sky. Does this mean that in 2021 we will be shown Nibiru or is it something else ascending – no one, except, of course, the Reptilians, even knows.

Finally, the virus deserves special mention, which is drawn on two reels. Why is the virus next to the vaccine in the first – it seems to be understandable, but why the virus is in the fourth?  Therefore, it will not be a coronavirus, but some other pathogen?

All other symbols presented are obvious: a vaccine, a baby in a muzzle, TikTok, a Chinese flag, Skype with a TV camera, as if hinting at remote communication. Some other graph, which everyone interprets as economic growth / inflation, but it can also be an increase in mortality. It is not very clear, however, with the American flag: is this an allusion to the division of American society, or will America really split in half?

In one of the recent current covers, The Economist has already laid out a calendar with a volcano and an asteroid, so anything can happen with a split of the continent, but the main thing that is incomprehensible here is completely different.

It is unclear: is this a global plan that can be replayed by some other player who has approached the machine, or is it such an ultimatum that is no longer subject to discussion? We will not know the answer to this question before December 2021.

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Conspiracy Theories

Poison, alien rays and black magic: The story of the unexplained death of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers

Poison, alien rays and black magic: The story of the unexplained death of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers 102

The researcher was preparing to reveal information to the public about a black magic circuit, in which a number of politicians and celebrities participated. According to 31-year-old Sarah Adams, who was engaged to the unfortunate man, Spiers had spent the last months of her life researching a black magic practice circuit in which celebrities were involved.

Was he poisoned, struck by alien rays or killed by black magic – in the versions of his fans and journalists, the truth collides with the most insane theories.

The father of two children, 39-year-old Spiers died in July 2016 at his friend’s house in Warsaw, a death so strange that her circumstances were studied in Poland and the UK, albeit without much success.

The Polish police focused on the “natural causes” of his death, without even doing an autopsy, which caused the outrage of his relatives and fans. When the body of the British arrived at home, forensic experts could not even determine the cause of death. Then, in December 2016, the coroner’s inquest was launched, which is still dragging on.

It is only known for certain that the conspiracy theorist before his death was sick of blood or some kind of black liquid.

Mr Spiers fell ill, had a fever and general weakness. The next day Mr. Spiers vomited two liters of black liquid. A friend called a doctor who tried to resuscitate the patient, but later admitted the fact of his death

 from the official statement of the coroner.

Demons and super soldiers

Spiers went to the same school with actor Orlando Bloom, but he is not remembered for that. He was an unusual person even by the standards of his circle. Having spent many years searching in the X-Files style, Max has gained popularity among ufologists and conspiracy theorists as a bright orator who is not afraid of the most shocking statements. For example, he received his nickname “Super Soldier” for claiming that from birth he was part of a secret government program to create elite warriors. However, Max failed to prove this.

Poison, alien rays and black magic: The story of the unexplained death of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers 103

What absurd claims Spiers did not make, the last days of his life are indeed shrouded in mystery. In many interviews and TV programs made in the wake of this story, several main points are repeated: he conducted a new investigation, received threats from unknown persons, tried to warn his relatives about  something before his death.

Shortly before his death, Spiers began studying the biographies of rich people: businessmen, politicians and show business stars . His mother Vanessa Bates told about this, without naming specific names. Two days before his death, he sent an extremely strange SMS, in which he actually predicted his death.

Your son is in danger. If something happens to me – investigate

SMS to Spiers’ mother

When the mother was given the late son’s computer, all of his records were deleted, she recalls. In her opinion, Max’s investigation led him to “dark places”, someone seriously wanted him dead. “He was a very tough man in his prime, and yet he just took it and died on a sofa in Poland,” Bates marveled.

The popular conspiracy theorist was killed by Satanists in order to expel demons from him, some say with reference to his girlfriend. According to her, Spiers managed to call her from Warsaw and tell her that he was there against his will. Allegedly, devil worshipers seized him and tried to “reprogram”, for which they gave him a substance that immersed him in a coma for two days.

“Max could not escape because he was kept in a house in the woods, he was surrounded by a fence under electricity. He said something “demonic” was going on, he had to get out and find a church or some other holy place. But two days later, he was dead, ” Adams quoted the Sun tabloid as saying.

There is no confirmation of this conversation, but Adams repeatedly mentioned in conversations with reporters Spiers’ investigation of a secret society of Satan fans associated with the highest circles of power and  show business .

We’ve received death threats before, but this time they looked real. They wrote to us that we would both die … He was going to expose black magic, it was associated with political leaders and celebrities

Sarah Adams

Looking for the truth

Every day there are fewer and fewer opportunities to reliably establish the cause and culprits of Spiers’ death. Many of his acquaintances and fans believe in the hand of the “world government” or a blow struck from outside our planet. Being killed by agents of the secret world government is the highest compliment, proving that you are a huge danger to them and their plans, the popular UFO blog Exopolitics writes.

Max Spiers used to say, among other things, that the masses have undergone a kind of hypnosis and live in a Matrix, with brainwashing in the media and their valid sources, etc., because they are “programmed”.

Death Is Nearby: The Story of the Unexplained Death of Conspiracy theorist Max Spiers |  Image 2
Max Spiers’ last interview. 
Screenshot: Youtube

Other material provides a long list of UFO researchers and scientists who have allegedly died a violent death. “Death from a headshot. Death that looks like poisoning, death that looks like strangulation, death as a result of the possible implantation of a deadly virus … This only confirms the long-known fact that the life of an experienced ufologist is much shorter than usual,” says the journal Paranoia.

But there is a more prosaic explanation for Spiers’ death. The BBC channel devoted its own investigation to this story, during which it learned about his addiction to drugs. Several years ago, he accidentally suffered a pelvic injury, began taking painkillers, and soon allegedly switched to heroin. In the video, filmed shortly before his death, the conspiracy theorist is allegedly “high”, according to one episode of the project. Spiers’ mother feared for his mental health and worried that he was hanging out with the wrong people.

Could Spiers’ death be a banal heroin overdose? We wouldn’t have to guess if the Polish authorities had given an immediate answer. While it remains to wait for the end of the coroner’s inquiry – its results may give the UK the opportunity to start an international investigation.

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Conspiracy Theories

What do Flat Earth advocates think of chemtrails?

What do Flat Earth advocates think of chemtrails? 104

One of the eternal discussions that appears from time to time on conspiracy platforms around the world is the endless debate about the shape of the Earth. Some people believe that the Earth is a sphere that dangles around the Sun, while other people believe that we live in a circus, which is flat, like any arena. 

The day before, this discussion flared up again – in particular, under the impression of one of Elon Musk’s videos, which people watched carefully:

In the video, the camera periodically turns on, looking at the engine of the last accelerating stage, the view from the lens leaves no doubt that the Earth is spherical:

What do Flat Earth advocates think of chemtrails? 105

However, from time to time, something happens to the lens and the Earth looks for some reason flat, like a table:

What do Flat Earth advocates think of chemtrails? 106
What do Flat Earth advocates think of chemtrails? 107

This phenomenon cannot be explained by the approximation function, since the size of the engine does not change and therefore it seems that the rounding of the Earth is achieved by a combined survey, during which some manipulations with the background are carried out. 

Below is the video from a NASA satellite, from which one can think that something is flying fast near the Sun and is the size of Jupiter:

Another photo with the Sun:

What do Flat Earth advocates think of chemtrails? 108

This is only the catch of ufologists for a week, and so something constantly revolves near the Sun. Everyone would gladly think of shooting artifacts, but there have been a lot of artifacts lately, thus there is a suspicion that the Sun itself in SOHO frames is also an artifact, that the Earth is flat like a steppe and that we are shown in the sky a movie about The sun. 

Most of the people who are under the yoke of the education of the Secondary School, for some reason, are sure that, totally misinterpreting everything, about something, but about the shape of the Earth, the textbook is not lying, and therefore it is heresy to challenge the textbooks. However, what does Round Earth have to say bout the chemtrails that have been sprayed in the sky for decades? 

The Round Earth has nothing new to say about this. Nevertheless, if we assume that the Earth is covered with a kind of dome, then what will happen to the substances sprayed from aircraft in 10 years or more? From the Round Earth, these wonderful chemicals will escape into space, but on Flat Earth, all this chemistry will remain under the dome, as a result of which the owners of the circus will have the opportunity to turn on the “Project Blue Beam”, during which “the sky will roll into a scroll” or something like this. 

Naturally, “Blue Beam” can be turned on without a dome – for example, by organizing a broadcast from satellites. But it will take a year at most to prepare such a performance, since all the chemistry that can be used for the screen evaporates very quickly – no aerosols can fly in the atmosphere for decades. Meanwhile, chemtrails have been around for many, many years. That is, one gets the impression that something keeps this chemistry from above and makes it possible to build a screen for slides for years, forming a matrix layer by layer. 

What do Flat Earth advocates think of chemtrails? 109

But what’s the point in all this? – convinced supporters of the round Earth will ask us. The sense in this is that if there really is a dome above the Earth, then the screen can be made denser – with a good resolution, like on an advanced monitor. On such a screen, it is possible to show such tricks that the fake cannot be recognized even through a telescope.

Therefore, if the Earth is flat and covered with a dome, the “Blue Beam” may not be limited to alien ships hovering over cities, but even turn into a journey to other star systems through a wormhole, after which we will have a completely new sky overhead, but all these are just theories and one day, we may know.

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