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You’re Not Thinking Fourth-Dimensionally! Why I Don’t (Exactly) Believe In Reincarnation

Last Friday I came home from work & found, much to my delight, that Back to the Future was about to start on cable. So obviouslythat meant I was going to fix myself a drink & watch it.

The soundtrack alone can put me in a good mood, you know —yes: I like Huey Lewis, so sue me.

The 1st time I joined Marty & the good doctor on their paradoxical voyages I was only 12 years old; the perfect age to be thunderstruck by this Sci-Fi awesomeness, the same way Hill Valley’s clock tower was hit by the fateful lightning bolt. And yet for me BttF does not merely represent a journey down Nostalgia alley, because these were the kind of movies which helped me start to think about the Big Questions during my teenage years —plus there was also the issue that the geek punches the bully & gets the girl at the end…

But truth be told, after thinking about it I’ve come to the conclusion that BttF may be one of the reasons why I never put much stock in the traditional concept of Reincarnation.

Along the years I’ve read the stories occasionally mentioned in esoteric outlets, with regards of people who claim to recollect the so-called ‘past lives’, either through oneiric manifestations (dreams) or with the help of hypnotic regressions. I admit I have marveled with the accounts of young children in India or Tibet, who seem to display an uncanny familiarity with some recently deceased’s personal experiences, to the point of convincing relatives and spouses that somehow the ‘soul’ of their dearly departed has found a new earthly vessel.

And yet… I can’t stop thinking that all this purported evidence still relies on a rather antiquated way of thinking about Time. As Forteans, have we the right to keep using spiritual models that don’t take into consideration what Einstein & others have taught us about the fabric of Reality? Wouldn’t that be akin to stubbornly keep using slang terms like ‘heavy’ in 2012, which might probably elicit a lot of frowning stares among the members of Generation Z?

Back in the days when the Teosophists were re-vamping ancient Eastern traditions for the industrializing West, we were still working on the assumption that what’s known as the arrow of Time was mandated to flow in one direction. Today physicists still tell us that the uni-directional arrow is the only way to keep a balance with Entropy & the laws of Thermodynamics —the reason why you can’t throw the pieces of a broken light bulb on the floor and watch them re-assemble into an unbroken state.

And yet that hasn’t stopped ingenious Cosmologists, Relativists & String Theorists from trying to find some ways around this problem. Nowadays talking about the possibility of building a viable time machine —one that can let you travel to the past, not just fast to the future like a spacecraft reaching a percentage of the speed of light— doesn’t get you a holiday on a padded room; respectable Science popularizers like Michio Kaku are always delighted to approach the subject, and remind us that theoretically building a chrono-craft is feasible, though incredibly difficult –for starters, you would need a $#!tload of energy, much more than the puny 1.21 gigawatts Dr. Brown managed to harness from a lightning strike.

Then there’s the paradoxes. After all, BttF delves with solving one version of the most popular time paradox: the one where either you kill your grandfather, your dad or somehow prevent your parents from getting married, hence negating your own existence.

Speaking of popularity, the most en-vogue manner of getting around the paradoxes nowadays is invoking an even weirder theory than Relativity: the Multiverse, also known as M-theory —as in  Mindf#$%ing weird!

Hugh Everett, mindf#$%ing scientist

By far the most WTF possibility of this theory is the Many-Worlds Interpretation (MWI) originally proposed by Hugh Everett in the 1950s, which posits that every time you make a decision —yes I know the theory invokes ‘observations’ but I ask thee: don’t you need to decide in order to observe?— the Universe branches out and 2 new Universes get created: one in which you decided to click on the Continue Reading button to check out this blogpost, and another in which you said ‘Meh’ and kept playing Minecraft. So in theory there’s an infinitude —it is SO a word!— of Universes where you and I were not even born, or we already died —in which case I pity the fools living in that boring Universe, ’cause they don’t know what they’re missin’…

Even the sequel to BttF included this idea in its plot, resulting in a Dystopia —or rather, a Boobtopia— in which Biff manages to make Marty’s mom his trophy wife.

“But you are so… MILF!”

Nevertheless my all-time favorite ‘What if’ possibility when it comes to chrono-nautical conundrums, has to do with the mystical idea —now backed by a few brave spirits in Academia— that the flow of Time is an illusion created by our consciousness. In other words, that our minds work as wetware Zoetropes in which the static scenes of the eternal Present gives raise to the illusion of the Past & the Future.

Assuming this is the case, how can this be reconciled with the belief in Reincarnation?

IMO one way to do so is to discard the demodé notion of ‘past lives’ altogether. For surely if what we think of as the Past exists simultaneous of the Present & the Future, then so too our ‘other’ lives are simultaneous.

To help us wrap our minds around these counterintuitive concepts Cinema comes again to the rescue, with films like Aronofsky’s masterpiece: The Fountain.

Another film which seems also to explore the idea of Consciousness traversing through simultaneous times is the recently released Cloud Atlas, which I’m waiting with elation to open here in Mexico.

But as always, the moment we come up with a suitable answer, we end up with more questions. Because if the Future already exists, does that mean it’s fixed and hence there’s no free will? Even BttF ended up with a pretty deterministic premise, despite what Steampunk Emmett Brown said at the end of the saga: Marty was meant to go back in Time & encourage the Doc to build the time-traveling DeLorean, influencing the outcome of both their lives.

And yet that doesn’t worry me that much. What does worry me is this: if the MWI is also true, and there’s a ginormous amount of Red Pill Junkies existing aside yours truly, who gets to be accountable for all our sins? Who gets to pick the karmic tab in the end?

Great Scott!

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Metaphysics & Psychology

Chasing Money For Happiness? Watch this video

Happiness is something that most of us are are in pursuit of. Love, beautiful relationships,  fun hobbies and the like are all followed in an attempt to allow happy chemicals to freely flow through us.

The problem is there has been a collective exploitation by advertisers and profiteers at the expense of society. We have been sold the illusion of happiness at a dollar value. This gives a false sense of temporary happiness which can easily be taken a moment’s notice.

The film from Steve Cutts illustrates this perfectly in a hard hitting, powerful animated movie using mazed rats as a metaphor for the capitalist society in the west.

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Metaphysics & Psychology

Our backwards society displayed in these powerful art illustrations

Great artists are always messengers of Truth. They may not speak through verbal language, or even the written word. But through their personal creativity, they are able to communicate deeper thoughts, and feelings, that conventional language often times cannot. And they do this in such a way that their chosen form of expression comes to be known invariably as Art.

With that said, here is a collection of some of the most brilliant modern day art around.



Preaching peace, when the ruling class profit from war, ultimately makes you a target/Artist credit: Banksy

The illusion of choice…/Artist unknown

“Feed me!”/Artist credit: John Holcroft

Athletes have turned into walking advertisements/Artist credit: Luis Quiles

Go to school, study hard, get a good…./Artist unknown

“Here fishy fishy…”/Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyński

Drug abuse is directly linked to escaping pain, and is usually rooted in child hood trauma/Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyńsk

It’s all about business/Artist credit: John Holcroft

Man has allowed the system to become his god/Artist credit: Unknown

Santa’s real elves…/Arstist credit: Paweł Kuczyński

The work of a church, mosque, or temple, should first be to take care of the hungry and forgotten, not indoctrinate them/Artist Credit: Luis Quiles

Most girls are attracted to the worst guys/Artist Credit: Luis Quiles

Stuck in your own bubble/Artist credit: John Holcroft


Biggest liars on the planet/Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyńsk

‘Murica!!!!/Artist credit: Pokket Mowse

Our apathy has allowed homeless people to practically become invisible/Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyński

Choose your own path in life or society will choose one for you/Artist credit: Luis Quiles

There is no water crisis, there is only a crisis of greed and apathy/Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyńskii

Slavery comes in many forms…/Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyński

Stop looking for temporary solutions and quick fixes to your problems. You only have so many opportunities to escape your circumstances in life/Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyński

Who really rules the world?/ Artist unknown

The zombie apocalypse is already here…/Artist credit: Steve Cutts

Time waits for no one…/Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyński

We were born to change this cruel world, but then we get brainwashed to serve it/Artist credit: Anthony Clarkson

There is nothing glorious or praiseworthy about war, except the day it ceases to exist/Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyński

It’s all just a game to them, and the people are the one’s that always lose /Artist credit: Luis Quiles


“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.” — Paul Farmer/Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyński

“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals.”/Artist credit: Dran

A politicians promise will eventually end up in the gutter…/Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyński

If you don’t shape your own mind, the system will gladly do it for you/Artist credit: Steve Cutts

“We are born innocent. We are polluted by advice.” — Henry David Thoreau/Artist credit: Unknown

What an ignorant society thinks freedom is…/Artist credit: Steve Cutts

Fascist book and their crusade of censorship disguised as fighting fake news…/Artist credit: Luis Quiles

Perspective…/Artist credit: damnkidyk

Some more perspective…/Artist credit: Larry Torro

An endless cycle of shit… and we just keep eating it up/Artist credit: Steve Cutts

The domino effect…/Artist credit: Mana Neyestani

Rebellion is not what most people think it is; rebellion is when you turn off the TV and start educating yourself and thinking for yourself — Gavin Nascimento /Artist credit: luthyen1


If you know of other artists worth sharing, or if you know who the artists for the images listed as “unknown” are, please comment below.


Written by Gavin Nascimento, Founder of

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Metaphysics & Psychology

The Mysteries of Death

(This post was originally published on Occultforum by Haelos)

In this contribution, I will share with you the secrets of the Mystery of Death in plain English for all to understand. Do not let the simplicity of my ideas hide the inner secrets. You will be tempted to read this and glance past it without a second thought.

These secrets have come from many sources, including, and not limited to:
The Bardo Thodol (Tibetan Book of the Dead) the “Egyptian Book of the Dead”
several hundred people who have had Near-Death experiences and gone on to write about them Franz Bardon, an adept spiritual practitioner from WWII-era who proved his skill and wisdom to many, including his students Shamanic practitioners who have shared stories of their visits to the otherworlds

When a human body dies, it does not mean the end of their consciousness. As all magicians should know, the Human is composed of three key parts (with the names of these parts differing by tradition); The physical body; The mental, or astral body (your mind) and the Spirit, or soul (The “immortal” body, sometimes excluded).

All magicians should also know the influence of Life Force, Vital Energy, or Qi (Chi, Ki, Prana, etc.) and how it relates to the human body, as well as to life in general.

At the last breath taken in the physical realm, your mental body separates from your physical body and you fully enter into the mental plane. Your Qi follows a specific path out of your physical body,  causing all of your functions to cease. You still retain a link to your physical body until certain key spiritual organs decay.

There are two kinds of Death; Conscious, and Unconscious death. These have varying phenomena after this point.

If you are conscious during your death, you will likely see your body, your gathered loved ones, and anything else in the immediate vicinity. This is all real, and physical, but you are not of a solid form.

If you are unconscious, it is likely you will only see darkness. In reality, you will see the same things as those who are conscious, you just won’t be able to remember any of it, or act with any sense of reason.

After a short time* the dead will come to see a light. This is the light of The Source. It’s blindingly paralyzing, and many, many, many people are afraid of it and what lies beyond. It’s not so much fear of the light as fear of the unknown (or rather, fear of the known unknowing).

after death 2

(*Varying sources say different things. Most say this moment could be anywhere from articulo mortis (the moment of death), as long as the time it takes for Rigor Mortis to set in. Anywhere from an instant to 4 weeks or more.)

If the dying person steps into this light, they will immediately incarnate into their next life with the last thought they had in mind (thus shaping their life). You will be taken to a higher or lower plane, as needed, for you to incarnate in. If they are ready, they will transcend and attain Nirvana. In Nirvana, you can either dissolve your consciousness into the source, and “end” your soul incarnation, or you can choose to work with divine providence in shaping reality. Either way, a dissolution of the consciousness occurs, and the mental body is dissolved. Most people who die consciously take these steps into the light and pass on with no issues. Anyone instructed in the science and art of Dying is also quite capable of passing on with ease.

More often what happens, is the dead person is too afraid to go into the light, and instead turns to the side and witnesses what is there. They see other dead spirits, or even their loved ones, traversing the mental plane, and they find familiarity. They get stuck in what many call “Limbo”, which in reality, is simply the astral or mental plane. Excessive weeping and grief from loved ones can bring the recently deceased here as well.

When a dead human lands in the astral plane, the first thing that happens is they are visited by their ancestors, or people they would trust (sometimes this happens in the “intermediate state”, where they are still enveloped by the light of The Source.) They can also meet with spiritual entities or symbols that  they looked to for guidance during life. Generally, these people try to coax you into going with them, and offering you assurance in your path.

For most, this is all that’s needed, as they have some type of religious or spiritual belief that can coincide with such a thing happening.

Some, however, become terrified at seeing all of their dead loved ones, and flee. This usually sets them further back on the path of dissolution.

Over time, as the physical body decays, the link attached to it separates as well. Before, the deceased would likely hang around in a place they knew, or even around the site of their death.  After this link is fully dissolved, they are no longer what you could theoretically consider a human. Their mental body begins the process of dissolution and decay in the same way that the physical body does. It takes a very long time (in linear measurement), and every step is entirely painful for the person. The Bardo Thodol states that this is the time when many demons will come to terrorize you.

Eventually, the mental body will fully decay, and you’ll be left with a tired soul crying for release. Many of these souls return to the “bridge” of the light of The Source and attempt to go beyond it, yet no matter how hard they try or how much they Will, fear overpowers them. (In fact, at any point a person can try to come back to this “bridge” and cross it, but most get stuck there. I’m sure every now and again a deceased person is able to pass without help after previously being stuck.)

From what has been learned by gurus before me, when a person is stuck in the mental plane after death,they are faced with many entities that offer spiritual progression. For this reason, the after-death experience has been known to provide a boost to your spiritual enlightenment. It’s just a matter of whether you retain the knowledge and consciousness or not. As stated above, the first part of this process begins with the positive entities, such as loved ones and Gods, or angels, or whatever else was fancy to you in life. This lasts for about two weeks, according to the Bardo Thodol (if my memory serves correct). The next process, also stated above, will have the dead witnessing all manners of negative entities that will try and terrorize them, while simultaneously providing the biggest jump in spiritual growth possible in this incarnation (provided they can stand to their fear and realize that nothing can hurt them, as they’ve already passed “the final frontier”.)

Soul Recovery

after death 3
Something I did not know is that many shamanic practitioners are dedicated to rescuing those souls who get stuck in the otherworlds. They use their trance-states to travel to these realms (often called the Middle or Lower worlds by shamans. Simply two different parts of the astral in the zone near the earth, as taught in Hermetics.) Most of their job involves them simply listening to the last wishes of a spirit. Sometimes they need to attempt to coax the spirit beyond, sometimes they need to simply hold their hand, and nothing more.

Other times, religious dogma holds them back. For instance, I read the story of a soul-retrieval in which a man was being forced to pay a toll to board a boat crossing a river that would lead him to his final destination (The Source), yet he had no coins or money to give. The shaman, who was provided with a small shiny stone by her spirit guide, met with this man and simply offered him the stone to use as payment. He was overjoyed, was able to cross, and transcended. In this way, his own mental constructs were holding him back because of what he believed in life.
As any magician who’s been there knows, the astral plane appears entirely dependent on your perceptions of it. Everything you see is altered and shaped to fit what you can understand. This is not so in a soul recovery. In these instances, you see the astral plane from the perception of the person whom’s “plane” you’re inhabiting (I say this in quotes because it sort of is like a “Personal Heaven”, in that your reality in your area is based only on what you know to be true at some level.)

With this information, you can see why so many yogis in the past have done their best to share with us the secret of dying and how to overcome our inabilities to face Death. Having sat down with Him myself a few times, I can assure you there is nothing but peace, should that be your desire. The big problem is, humans are primal, and on some level, do not want peace, even after death.

It’s our jobs as magicians, mystics, and spiritual practitioners of all walks of life to dedicate time to understand Death, both in the physical and scientific processes, as well as the spiritual processes that take place after most can no longer see. Some may be called on in the future to offer guidance to a passed loved one. Others may simply need to prepare themselves for their own future. The most important thing to remember is that you need to die *consciously*. You need to “remember yourself” at every possible stage of the process, and you need assurance and confidence in yourself and your abilities. After death, you’ve already died, so what’s the worst that can happen? Seriously; The worst thing known to humans happens, and you’re okay? Personally, I wouldn’t take that as a sign that I’m dreaming, I’d take it as a sign that I’m Infinite.

Hopefully those who read this can see the truth behind the mystery and still retain a sense of wonder. Even with all this information, no one really knows what is beyond that light, other than reincarnation (should that be in your path.). Personally, I think that’s the big one to wonder about.

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