The World’s Mysterious Places

04 Feb 2013 by admin in Ancient, Mysteries

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.  -- Marcel Proust

The World’s Mysterious Places

Explore amazing ancient wonders observed from space (with Google Earth).

Part 1

This compilation of the world’s most mysterious places on Google Earth includes:

  • Oak Island,
  • Area 51, the
  • Pyramid of the Sun & Moon,
  • various figures from Nazca,
  • the Atacama Giant,
  • Loch Ness,
  • Arbor Low,
  • Stonehenge,
  • Avebury,
  • Silbury Hill,
  • St. Michael’s Mount,
  • Ankor Wat,
  • Ayers Rock,
  • the Olgas,
  • Maree Man.

Part 2

  • The 20981 Hill.
  • The Montana Stonehenge.
  • Tarxien, Hagar Qim and Mnadjra in Malta.
  • Nicosia, Cyprus and the green line that divides it, visible along the edge of the old city.
  • Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat.
  • Land graffiti in China.
  • Xian pyramids, tombs of the emperors.
  • The 221433 Ruins in China, with my own names for the features.
  • The Pine Gap Installation, Australia.
  • The Pen and Pad.
  • … and Machu Picchu, stronghold of the Incas.

Part 3

  • The Uffington White Horse (United States replica).
  • The Blythe Intaglios.
  • Altun Ha, Mayan city, Belize.
  • Sacsayhuacman, Inca city, Peru.
  • The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Turkey.
  • The Temple of Baalbek, Lebanon.
  • Petra, Jordan.
  • Underwater roads off the coat of Cuba, Caribbean. Glimpses of Atlantis?
  • Rapa Iti, south Pacific.
  • Nan Madol, Pohnpei.

Part 4

  • Chankillo Observatory, Peru.
  • Caral, Peru.
  • Pueblo Bonita, New Mexico.
  • Cahokia, Illinois.
  • Old Sarum, England.
  • Pyramids of Guimar, Tenerife.
  • Adam’s Bridge, Indian ocean.
  • Persepolis, Iran.
  • Great Ziggurat of Ur, Iraq.
  • Great Mosque of Samarra, Iraq.
  • The Arch at Ctesiphon, Iraq.

Part 5

  • The Long Man of Wilmington
  • Cerne Abbas Giant
  • Glastonbury Tor & Abbey
  • Stanton Drew Stone Circles
  • Boscawen-Un – all in England
  • ‘The Canal’ / ‘Spear’, Pakistan/India
  • The Gympie Pyramid, Australia
  • Black Triangle, Australia
  • Sakkara, Egypt
  • Palace of Knossus, Crete

Part 6

  • The Major Oak, England
  • Newgrange, Ireland
  • Dowth, Ireland
  • Knowth, Ireland
  • Gilgal Refaim, Golan Heights
  • Badami, India
  • Tsaparang, Tibet
  • Moray circles, Peru
  • Tiwanaku, Bolivia (commentary cites Peru!)
  • Lalibela, Ethiopia
  • Axum, Ethiopia

Part 7

  • Hattusa, Anatolia
  • Ellora Caves, India
  • Hampi, India
  • Thuburbo Majus, Tunisia
  • Criel Mound, USA
  • Cholula, Mexico
  • Comalcalco, Mexico
  • Monte Alban, Mexico

Note: This series is also a magazine article, The World’s Top 50 Mysterious Places, click to go deeper… It is also a written article, The World’s Top 50 Mysterious Places:

You can find coordinates for most of these sites on Wikipedia. Just copy and paste those into GE and use that to get the best view.