The Most Amazing Spirit Communication Evidence Video Ever. Really

29 Oct 2014 by admin in Paranormal

With less than a week to go until Halloween I decided to post a cool video I made up recently showing some flat out amazing evidence using EVP, Spirit Boxes, App based programs such as Echovox and the GB-1. Also the SLS Camera and ITC Spirit Photography. Some of you who follow me will have seen much of this and others may have seen very little, but all is worth a second look and shows just how amazing and REAL spirit communication is.

I have hundreds of hours of footage but this video comes in at 28 minutes or so and consists of some of my favorite replies, sessions and evidence in all areas.

What you are about to see is 100% real, 100% authentic, and 100% FACT. Nothing was staged, faked, or set up. Nothing was added in editing and nothing was done to trick you. What you see and hear is what you get, period.

These are very real phenomenons and some people can capture these things very easily, as it is 2nd nature to certain people. I happen to be one of those people. Not sure why or how this happened but it did and because of my years of experience the spirits seem to trust me and many know who I am when OTHERS ask about me in their own sessions. Crazy but pretty cool if you ask me.

To those friends of yours who think there is no such thing as spirits, ghosts or SOMETHING out there that can see us, touch us and hear us as well as reply back with messages, have them watch this video.

I have been trying to get the word out and expose this as TRUE, FACT and REAL to anyone who is willing  to sit and listen, because it needs to be noticed in a big way and not laughed off as nonsense. The spirits that come through to me usually are in need of help in one way or another. This could be a request to help them go to the light, a request to leave a message for their loved ones or a some other form of help they are searching for.

So sit back, turn down the lights and turn up the volume. Listen and watch for yourself what I feel is some of the most compelling evidence that spirits exists and can indeed communicate with us. Enjoy :) If you like it, click on the video to go to the YouTube page and give it a thumbs up!