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Queen’s Nurse’s Belt Buckle: A pentagram and a Freemason compass

Check out the picture above and the enlarged picture of the belt buckle worn by the nurse escorting the Queen from hospital today.

A wiccan pentagram and the Freemason’s compass! So only certain “fellowship” nurses get to clean up after the queen. What an honour, it is.

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The Most Dangerous BOOK OF HUMANITY? ‘The Hidden Truth of The Necronomicon’

Howard Philips Lovecraft conducted along different novelasreferencias a book that recounted contained magic formulas for invoking the supernatural, in addition to hinting a particular knowledge of the space-time relationship.


Many readers tried then try to locate a printed copy of this mysterious book, but the results were unsuccessful

In all its versions it is considered by experts as one of the most dangerous books of mankind. The horrible ideas and dark truths that this book, in a terribly convincingly, gives his readers have often led to madness and death.

In addition to the ancient truths and prescient prophecies, the book also contains spells and incantations that in the wrong hands can create an unthinkable damage.

No doubt it is a book that contains some claim the terrifying reality of the hidden history of the world besides dark rituals with the power to destroy all life on earth. Lovecraft through his novels sparked interest on the Necronomicon both his staunchest supporters, curious readers and scholars of the occult. Over time it has discussed its existence.

Experts have theorized about this macabre book and with the passage of time have also appeared many false copies of the Necronomicon. But the best tracks on the true story behind the mythical Necronomicon we can find in the work of Lovecraft own. True, he admitted that his Necronomicon Lovecraft was a work of fiction, but in his own biography of the Necronomicon in 1927, makes many deliberate mistakes that give clues about the truth behind the fiction of Lovecraft. According to many experts they say, probably Lovecraft was aware that it was not appropriate to reveal the truth through their stories and novels.

Lovecraft said his Necronomicon was written in 700 AD by a mad Arab Abdul Al-Hazred called on Damascus.

But who was the real author of this remarkable book? The astrologer and writer Abu Ali al-Hasan was noted by many as the true author but the Jewish mystical Alhazen ben Joseph was also proposed.

Most, however, suggests that the real name of the mad Arab Abdul Al-Hazred was Abu ‘Ali alHusayn, known as Ibn al-Rawandi or Rhazes.


Removing its mysterious history

Rhazes was born in 827 AD in Marwarrudh now northern Afghanistan. Early in his life he joined Islam gaining recognition among them. He also studied the Kabbalah, Sufism, Arabic and Christian Gnosticism.

He write several books, both in theology and philosophy of which only fragments remain. After several years studying the occult Rhazes began making pilgrimages and expeditions to remote and wild places. He spent several months with an unknown master in the desert of ad-Dahna before disappearing for over 10 years without a trace in the red desert of Rub ‘al Khali. According to his own writing, I live during this time in the mythical lost city of Iram where he studied ancient and secret teachings.

When he was Iram traveled to Alexandria, Cairo, and then to the necropolis of Saqqara, Memphis. Rhazes devoted the rest of his life to the study of the occult and writing his book, “Al Azif”, which was released a few examples among Arab mystics and theologians. The book was banned for its content and all known copies were destroyed

In early 1100 AD, Al Azif was translated into Greek probably in the monastery of St. Paul the hermit in Egypt, and apparently gave him the title of “Νεκρονομικòν (Necronomicon)”. In 1211 AD the Greek translation was forbidden and all known copies were burned by order of the Patriarch of Constantinople Michael IV.

In the early fourteenth century the Al Azif was first translated into Latin by Arnaldus Villa Nova (1235-1311), probably based on the original lost book Al Azif. In 1389, Pope Boniface IX banned all books related to the Al Azif both Arnaldus as translating the Greek version. Orders Bonifacio IX was to burn all copies that could be found. Some sources said that one of the Greek translation of the Necronomicon arrived in Russia in the fall of Constantinople in 1453. The book apparently remained in the private library of Tsar until the fall of the Tsarist empire.

There are rumors copies were printed in 1500. Rasputin said to own one of these books, which supposedly was a gift from the third wife of Tsar Nicholas. None known of these copies today.The only known original Arabic text “Al Azif” copy and banned translation Greek was destroyed or stolen when the Bedouin looted the monastery of San Pablo and burned his library in 1448 AD In 1541, the alchemist and mystic German Theophrastus Paracelsus primed his own German translation of the Latin version of Arnaldus.

A copy of the book of Paracelsus is said to have been taken as booty by the Swedes in Prague in 1648, but was probably destroyed in the great fire in the Royal Palace in Stockholm in 1697

During 1600, the English mystic John Dee ended his own English translation of the

Necronomicon. The text was not published until after the death of Dee. Meric Casaubon primed the English translation of Dee in a very limited edition in 1651. In 1652 the Danish physician Ole Worm made a new impression Arnaldus in Germany.


The Simon Necronomicon

Another of the most popular versions is called Simon Necronomicon. Avon Books was founded in 1941 by News Corporation of America (ANC) to create a rival to the paperback edition. Avon published dime novels and collections of short stories aimed at younger audiences.

Among writers published HP Lovecraft was. After changing ownership a number of times in the 40, 50 and 60 Avon he decided to turn in their publications in the mid-1970s the reasons why they decided to create their own version of the Necronomicon is unknown, but many said is that it was something more than the simple goal of making money.

Thus, in 1977 Avon Books published “Simon Necronomicon”. It is so titled because it was written by a man identified only as “Simon”. The book sought to derive their content from Sumerian mythology, but it really was was more Babylonian mythology and its introduction sought to identify the Great Old Ones and other creatures introduced in Lovecraft Mythos with gods and demons Sumerians and Babylonians. The stories presented in the book were a mixture of Mesopotamian myths and an unknown story about a man called the “mad Arab”.

The strange thing was that the publication of Simon Necronomicon had no direct link withthe writings of Lovecraft. Indeed, Lovecraft wrote very little about the Necronomicon, having only a few passages of his stories in which quotes the book. Perhaps the best known is:


“That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.”

All known copies of the Necronomicon originals are kept locked and not available to the public.Several organizations and society for various reasons seek all copies of the book that is still in private hands. Any attempt to disseminate the contents of the Necronomicon has ended in tragedy because accidents are attributed to the curse that seems to accompany the book, still a big mystery all around the world Necronomicon.

Until today continues controvesia and the Necronomicon is still sought by some, while others have accepted as authentic one of two that have been published and put into practice their rituals.

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“Starry Eyes” : A Movie About the Occult Hollywood Elite – and How it Truly Works

Starry Eyes is a horror movie about a struggling actress getting mixed up with the Hollywood elite. Through the metamorphosis of the main character, the movie describes how the entertainment world actually works: via rituals, blood sacrifice, and occult initiation.

Warning : This article deals with subject matters that might be disturbing to some. Also, colossal spoilers ahead!

Starry Eyes is a typical horror flick: scary, bloody and disgusting. But the most disturbing part of this movie is not the gore and the violence: It is the fact that there is truth in it, a dark truth that many of us would rather ignore. The movie puts it all there, however, right in our faces, as it graphically describes all of the horrific implications. Starry Eyes puts on screen the dark and depraved side of the entertainment industry and the sick motivations of the people who rule it. It exposes the viewers to the elite’s obsession with sexual exploitation, blood sacrifices and satanic rituals as they bask in wealth and social admiration.

While many perceive Starry Eyes as a purely fictional film commenting on the desperation of starving artists, those “in the know” realize that a lot of the horror is based on fact. The movie describes rather accurately the process of what happens at the higher levels of the entertainment industry where abuse, exploitation, mind control, occult rituals, and blood sacrifices turn aspiring artists into traumatized sock puppets. Let’s look at Starry Eyes and how it portrays the movie industry.

A Waitress Tired of Waiting

Sarah Walker is your typical struggling actress living in Los Angeles looking to become a big time Hollywood star. In order to pay the bills, she waits tables at a local restaurant – a job she clearly hates.

Sarah works a Big Taters, a Hooter-style restaurant where the waitresses must wear ugly uniforms and sing stupid songs to customers.

Much to the dismay of her boss, Sarah is not focused on her job, but is constantly on her phone looking for callbacks from production companies. At home, Sarah find an intriguing casting call online.

The casting call is for a movie called The Silver Scream. Throughout the movie, the production company insist on the actress "being her true self", which is her being a struggling actress who is ready for anything to become a star. Anything.

At the audition, the aspiring actresses trying out for the lead role are all treated like garbage, and most of them leave in tears. Although she gave it her all, Sarah also fails to impress the auditioners who proceed to make her feel like a talentless nobody. Sarah then rushes to the nearest bathroom where she completely loses it.

Sarah has a weird fit and pulls out fistfull of hair from her scalp, a disturbing display that appears to soothe her. Sarah's hair will become, throughout the movie, a symbol of her transformation from a "regular girl" to a soulless industry puppet.

As she comes out of the bathroom stall, Sarah is met by one of the auditioners who was impressed by this disturbing display of rage and self-mutilation. She is brought back to the audition room – but she is not asked to read lines. They want to see her have that violent fit again. Although Sarah is reluctant to pull her hair for the viewing pleasure of strangers, she is told: “You’ve got my attention” and is reminded about the fact that a million other girls could easily take her place. Throughout the movie, Sarah is constantly reminded that a million girls are waiting in line for her spot and that any attention from the all-mighty producers, no matter how strange or degrading their requests, is a rare privilege. At this point, the auditioners only want to see her pull her hair out, and nothing else. So Sarah does it.

Sarah pulls out her hair for the auditioners. The production company is not interested in talent - they want to find someone who is obsessed with stardom, to the point of self-mutilation in the face of failure.

The audition quickly stops being about a role in a movie, and turns into a spectacle of extreme degradation and submission, a prelude to the ordeal she most go through to be an initiate of the occult elite. Although the audition ended with her convulsing on the ground under the cold eyes of the auditioners, Sarah leaves the building feeling happy: She got the company’s attention. She gets a callback and the process of transformation truly begins.

Second Audition

Although she is treated with utter contempt by the production company, Sarah is excited to get a second audition. She is told that the only reason she got a second audition was because of her hair-pulling display – and nothing else. Once again, they are emphasizing on the fact that it is not about talent but what she is ready to do to be a star.

At the second audition, things are very different. She enters a dark room with a spotlight pointed at her.

At the second audition, Sarah wears a dress of pale color, which symbolizes her state of purity/innocence. We will later see that the movie follows the exact color code we see in other music videos and movies analyzed on Vigilant Citizen: White (or a pale color) symbolizes purity/innocence, red stands for transformation/sacrifice, and black for initiation. Countless females artists have appeared in videos that symbolically tell the “good girl gone bad” narrative and they all go through this succession of colors. Starry Eyes is somewhat of a behind-the-scenes look at what truly happens during that metamorphosis.

When Sarah enters the dark room at the second audition, she is immediately told to strip naked – although the role does not require nudity. Once again, it is not about the role, it is about something way beyond that. It is about turning a girl towards the dark side.

She is told:

“Let your inhibitions go. If you can’t fully let yourself go, how can you ever transform into something else?”

The light then starts flashing and Sarah appears to undergo a process akin to mind control and demon possession. Each time the light flashes, we see Sarah either making a demonic face or feeling physical pleasure.

During a split second, we see this thing appear on screen while the light flashes. We will later see these mysterious hooded men in the occult rituals of the production company.

At the end of the process, Sarah appears completely consumed. She then notices the pendant worn by one of the auditioners.

The auditioner wears a pentagram with a line going through it. It is the symbol revealed by the good people at the production company.

In short, this was not an audition, it was a hypnotic mind control session intermixed with an occult ritual. Welcome to Astraeus Pictures.

Astraeus Pictures

When Sarah tells her friends that she auditioned for Astreus Pictures, she is told that “they’re legit” and “the real deal”. In other words, it is one of the few “big time” production companies that produces blockbuster hits. The symbolism associated with Astraeus Pictures subtly tells us about the true forces behind the movie business.

First, Astraeus is the name of a Titan god of Greek mythology and is mostly known for being the god of the dusk. As you might know, dusk is what immediately precedes the darkness of the night … the same way this production company brings darkness to the world.

The logo of Astraeus is also quite telling : It is the top half of a unicursal hexagram.

Left : The logo of Astraeus Pictures. Right : A full unicursal hexagram.

The unicursal hexagram is an important symbol in ritual magic and occult secret societies. It is also the main symbol associated with Aleister Crowley’s philosophy: Thelema.

The unicursal hexagram is so-called because it can be drawn unicursally– that is, in one continuous movement. This is significant when forming figures in ritual magick, where a continuous line is preferred to an interrupted movement.

The symbol was devised by the Golden Dawn, and later adapted by Aleister Crowley as a device of personal significance. It is often worn by Thelemites as a sign of religious identification and recognition.
– Symbol Dictionary, Unicursal Hexagram

Today, the Thelema is taught by a secret society that is extremely influential in the entertainment industry : the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.). It is one of the main forces behind the occult, ritualistic side of Hollywood. The O.T.O is also subtly referred to in another “eye opening” movie, Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut (read my series of articles about it here).

An important part of the O.T.O’s teachings is sex magick – and we definitely witness some of it in Starry Eyes.

The Metamorphosis

After a successful second audition (which was about her standing naked and being exposed to an evil force), Sarah gets the ultimate privilege: A meeting with the producer. Before leaving her apartment, the movie emphasizes the red dress she is wearing: All of her friends comment on it, one of them even adds that “it is a bit much”.

In the occult elite's color codes, the red dress signifies turmoil, metamorphosis and sacrifice. The dress indicates that this meeting is another step in her initiation.

At the meeting, the producer of Astraeus Pictures tells Sarah what all producers tell young, impressionable girls when they want to lure them into a soul-selling contract:

“We audition a lot of young women in this building, but very few ever make it to this room. Some pretty big names went through here, going way back”.

This implies that the Hollywood elite’s way of functioning has been going on for decades.

“The role of Celeste is a really big deal for a young actress with no other credits to her name. Your face will be on a poster, a poster on a wall, a wall in the lobby, a lobby in a movie theater, a theater with a marquee.”

For a girl working at Big Taters, hearing these words is what she’s been waiting for her entire life – and the producer knows it. He then touches her inappropriately, and things get real.

When the producer starts putting his hand up Sarah's dress, she gets another taste of the true price of fame.

When Sarah tries to make him stop by asking him if he wants her to read some lines, he replies:

“Sarah, THIS is the audition. You are at the gates. All you need is for me to open them for you”.

Once again, nobody is interested in Sarah showcasing her acting talents. The “audition” is once again about her being degraded into giving up her body. Sarah refuses the advances and storms out of the room.

Her return to reality is however extremely difficult. She must beg to get her job back at Big Taters and, coincidentally, she is also told that about a million girls would love to have her steady waitressing job. She then regrets walking out of the producer’s room and begins rationalizing doing the unthinkable:

“I kind of feel I’m selling my soul already. So it might as well be for something I love.”

The Initiation

Under the influence of drugs and, since the second audition, with something evil burgeoning inside of her, Sarah decides to go back to see the producer. For that meeting, she wears another symbolic dress.

Sarah wears her black dress to her meeting with the producer.

When Sarah gets face-to-face with the producer, she realizes that it is not simply about “sleeping with him” for his personal perverted pleasure. There is a metaphysical dimension to the process. It is about submission and initiation to an occult order through ritual. When Sarah falls to her knees before the producer, he says:

“Would you forgo your eyes for a new pair of eyes, eyes that can see with our vision? Would you give up your body to become a vessel for our voice, my voice? Will you give your old life away for a glorious new life?”

Within this oath is the summed up the entire transformation process that turns a regular artist into a full blown “Illuminati puppet”. By “forgoing” her eyes for a new pair, Sarah gives up her ability to perceive reality in order to only see what “they” want her to see. Is this why all industry pawns constantly hide one of their eyes in photoshoots? (See my Symbolic Pics of the Month articles for hundreds of examples.) By giving up her body to become a vessel to their “voice”, she voluntarily gives up any kind of core values and artistic integrity she might have had to become nothing more than an empty shell pushing the messages of the elite. Finally, by giving her old life away, she completely erases her past self to turn into a new alter persona, an artificial creation that is completely programmed by the elite.

To all of that, Sarah answers “yes”. She then proceeds to pleasure the producer … and things get weirder.

While the producer firmly holds Sarah's head, we a pentagram on his hand - indicating the ritualistic importance of this gesture of submission.

Looking at the skies with a crazy look in his eyes, the producer says :

“The gateway is opened Sarah. All you have to do is be willing to step inside. Kill your old self, Sarah”.

The word “gateway” has a spiritual connotation as Sarah also opens herself to what will appear to be demonic possession.

While this is happening, this guy appears out of nowhere, confirming that this is an occult magick ritual.

The Sacrifice

The days after the disturbing ritual are extremely painful for Sarah. She keeps convulsing violently and feels as is she was dying. She also constantly loses hair which, as stated earlier, represent her true self.

Sarah is turning into the worst nightmare of an aspiring actress obsessed with her body image.

While in pain and dying inside and out, Sarah is visited by someone from Astraeus, who shows her a vision.

They show her looking like a movie star, complete with a pentagram pendant around her neck, sign of her being a true industry pawn.

When that vision vanishes, she is still in pain, and looking uglier than ever. She then gets a phone call from the producer who says:

“You can go into the ground and be forgotten forever or you can be reborn. Did you expect it to be painless, that it would be easy, that you’d simply wake up one morning with everything you ever wanted laid out before you? I told you Sarah, dreams require sacrifice. And so do we.”

Sarah does not only need to sacrifice her own soul to become “one of them”. They require a blood sacrifice. Sarah therefore proceeds to kill all of her friends in an extremely violent matter. When the bloody deed is accomplished  men in robes immediately appear and lead her to the final ritual.

The Rebirth

After the blood sacrifice, a bunch of rich Hollywood elite people gather for the ritual celebrating Sarah’s rebirth.

Gathered around the ritualistic pentagram, these old rich "respectable" people keep repeating "Hail Astraeus". Sarah appears to be buried underneath the pentagram.

The concept of symbolic death and rebirth is of extreme importance in occult secret societies. In most esoteric circles since antiquity, candidates for initiation are made to go through a period of “symbolic death” where they are kept in darkness to then be “born again”. This concept is also central in Christianity as Jesus Christ resurrected from dead after three days in the tomb. The story of Jonah emerging from the great whale is also a part of Jewish and Islamic literature. However, in the case of Astraeus Pictures, the initiate is not on the brink of a great spiritual awakening, she is a mere puppet lured into a Satanic ritual for the profit and the pleasure of her handlers. The elite thrives on tapping into ancient and powerful archetypes and corrupting them for their own nefarious purposes.

At the end of the ritual, the producers yells “She is ready to transform!”. The next day, Sarah is reborn.

Sarah emerges from the Earth completely naked, like a newborn baby. She is also completely bald, which indicate that her old self is completely gone.

Sarah's transformation is so thorough that she even has a new birthday.

Back home, Sarah's roommate finds her lying in bed with a creepy candle-lit shrine to past movie stars who went through the same "transformation" as her.

The roommate notices that Sarah’s eyes have changed – she now has the new pair of eyes that sees only the elite’s vision. Sarah tells her roommate “Things are changing for me” and proceeds to kill her – the last remnant of her past life. Sarah then opens her birthday gift from Astraeus.


In the final scene of the movie, Sarah puts on the wig she got a present - representing her embracing her new, fake alter persona and puts on her pentagram pendant - sign of her being an initiated industry star.


In Conclusion

If you’ve read past articles on Vigilant Citizen, you probably realized that Starry Eyes basically encompasses everything that has ever been discussed on this site. By describing Sarah’s transformation at the hands of the Hollywood elite, the movie puts on screen the true nature of those who control the entertainment industry … and the world. By clearly conveying the elite’s total disdain for the common person and its obsession with corrupted rituals, exploitation, degradation and blood sacrifice, the movie exposes the “true self” of the industry, the same way Sarah exposes her true self to the producers.

If you still believe this is all fiction and that what is said here is all a crazy conspiracy, you might have an acute case of … starry eyes.


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According To Legend, This Infamous Codex Was Written By The Devil Himself

The Medieval era of history has no shortage ofcreepy books, but theCodex Gigas, written in the early 13th century, may be the darkest of them all. It’s said to have been penned by the hand of Satan himself.

Nobody knows for sure the name of the monk who was commissioned to write this very old manuscript, but legend has it he made a deal with the fallen angel Lucifer to finish it. This is why it’s sometimes known as theDevil’s Bible.

Codex Gigas is 36 in. tall, 20 in. wide and weighs about 165 lb., making it the largest medieval book ever found. Research shows that the text was written by a single scribe, and miraculously, the writing is consistent throughout its 320 pages, showing no sign of strain or fatigue.

How is this possible? Well, we may have a Faust situation on our hands here.

According to legend, a monk from the Benedictine monastery in Bohemia broke his vows and was sentenced to be walled up alive. The only way to escape his fate was if he wrote all human knowledge into one book that would exalt the monastery. He must do it in a single night.


Don’t you just hate deadlines?

Around midnight, the monk decided he probably couldn’t finish the whole history of all known things in one night, so he prayed, not to God, but to the Devil. Satan agreed to help. All it would cost was the monk’s soul. The monk drew this picture of Lucifer as a tribute to his nefarious savior.

The monk will of course be played by Nicholas Cage in the upcoming film, Ghost Writer.

Experts at the National Library of Sweden, where the book is held, estimate that without the Devil’s help, the book would probably take about 20 years to complete. So either the monastery was tired of redecorating every time a monk broke his vows, or this book features the handwriting of Satan himself.


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