Evidence That Our Ancient Ancestors Were Visited By Space Travellers

08 Feb 2014 by admin in Aliens & UFO's

One the most amazing sources of evidence of our ancestors coming from the stars is the history of the Dogon Tribe of Africa. There are between 400,000 and 800,000 Dogon in a remote civilization in the central plateau region of Mali in Africa. The Dogon culture is known for its detailed, meaningful art and tribal customs, but the Dogon are mostly known for their ancient, accurate cosmology and the legends of their ancestors from Sirius.

The Importance of the Dogon hit the western world in 1930 when French anthropologists first heard legends from the Dogon priests. The legends were passed down through many generations and documented through artwork. The Dogon spoke of an extraterrestrial race from the Sirius Star System, referred to as the Nommos, who visited them on earth.  The Egyptians also claimed that their God Osiris can from this star system.

The Nommos were an aquatic race of humanoid creatures, similar to mermaids. This was amazing to hear because the god, Isis, of Babylon is depicted as a mermaid and associated with Sirius. The Dogon say that the Nommos descended to earth from the heavens in a great boat,  accompanied with extreme wind and loud noise. The Dogon explained that the Sirius system had a companion star, but it cannot be seen from earth due to the brightness of Sirius A. Researchers have found Dogon artifacts dating back over 400 years depicting orbits of these stars.

Years later, in 1970, astronomers finally had good enough telescopes to zoom in on Sirius and they photographed Sirius B. The Dogon were right!  They also identified the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn without the use of a telescope. How could they possibly know this thousands of years before science had discovered it?


Being only 8 light years away, Sirius A is the brightest Star in the Earth sky.  Sirius B is an extremely heavy, dense and tiny white dwarf star, smaller than the earth, but weighing 8X more than our Sun. It is gravitationally bound to Sirius A and part of the same solar system. White dwarfs form when a star runs out of fuel. They begin to collapse on themselves, not being large enough to supernova. Going back for hundreds of years ever since the Nommos came to visit the Dogon, they have held a ceremony every 50 years to celebrate the orbit of Sirius A and Sirius B. Astronomers later confirmed their orbit to be almost exactly 50 years!

Here we have a fascinating example of an ancient race claiming that God-like beings descended from a specific star and left them with precise knowledge that there is absolutely no logical explanation for them having awareness of.  Who are we to say they really couldn’t have been visited? Might it be the best explanation for their tales of the Nommos and their possession of this kind of knowledge?

Check out these videos for much more details about the Dogon and their cosmology.

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